Show Me Your Downward Dog: Week 4

Well, this update is going to be rather pathetic, but given the whole I-needed-to-have-hernia-surgery thing, I’m going to cut myself some slack.

As you are aware, I am trying to complete a 35 day yoga challenge. That is, attend 35 classes in 35 days. This would officially mark the end of week 4, which means I should be up to 28 classes. Riiiiiight.

Clearly, I’m nowhere near that goal. However, given the circumstances, I’m not doing too terribly. And if my post surgery healing takes a turn to the miraculous, I may still be able to make my goal.

What did I actually manage to do this week? Well, I hit up 3 classes before the surgery. This brings me to a total of 21 classes in 28 days. I’m an entire week behind. Which means I would need to double up every day to make it to 35 classes in 35 days. Yikes! That’s probably not likely.

Oh well, such is life. While the goal is important, the journey is often where the lessons are found. At least, that is what my experiences have taught me.

  • Monday: Nothing! I was rather exhausted from travelling to Chicago over the weekend (I know – whoa is me)
  • Tuesday: Moksha 60 minutes
  • Wednesday: Moksha Yin 75 minutes
  • Thursday: Reduced Heat Flow 75 minutes
  • Friday: Savasana – 5 hours – morphine induced. Does this count?
  • Saturday: Savasana – 7 hours – non morphine induced. How about this one?
  • Sunday: I napped on the couch, thank you oxycodone. Even I can’t question whether or not this qualifies as yoga.

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