The Shenanigan Filled Adventuring Continues

I pilfered this ugly photo from Rick's facebook. I imagine this is what I'm going to have to look at all weekend while we're climbing walls of ice and experiencing up to 5Gs on our way down the bobsled track.

And just like that, I’ve booked a February flight to Calgary.

Why would anyone go to Calgary in the middle of the winter?

Great question.

To answer that, I direct you to the following posts here and here. That’s right, The Adventures of Rick and Dan continue – this time in the form of ice-climbing and bobsledding. Because who doesn’t want to pack a weekend full of ice-climbing and bobsledding? No one, that’s who. Okay, maybe some people wouldn’t want to pack a weekend with these things, but we are clearly not some people.

I can’t wait. While the adventure is going to be awesome, it will be great to hang out with Rick. As ugly as he is1, I do love hanging out with him (aside to Rick: ZING!). And as much as it sucks that he is all the way in Alberta and I’m all the way in Ontario, it does provide the impetus to travel. And I can’t blame him for that.

Okay, maybe I can blame him for that, but in a good kind of way.

Anyway Rick, prepare yourself – our shenanigan filled adventuring continues.

1 I feel compelled to remind people that Rick is not, in fact, ugly. He is, in fact, quite the opposite and also made of 100% pure Grade A Awesome.

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