Us And A Really Big Mountain

Several years ago, Rick and I took on the Big Mountain Challenge. Together we raised a bunch of money while climbing some of the most amazing mountains in Alberta. This year we’ve decided to take our adventures to a new level by hiking higher than we’ve ever been before. Specifically, we’re taking on the challenge […]

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Nepal. That Is All.

It’s been less than a week since I bought my tickets to Nepal, and I still find myself giggling with glee every time I think about it. Seriously. So much glee. ALL THE GLEE. And I know I’m not alone. Earlier this week Rick sent me a very simple text message. Nepal. That is all. Yes! Fortuitously, […]

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Curse You Temple

Mother Nature has foiled us again. After much discussion, plotting, and organization, she decided to throw a huge wrench into our Mount Temple conquering plans. With winter conditions and blowing snow, Rick, Paul, and I decided for safety reasons that we should postpone our Temple adventure until next year. Nuts. For those of you who don’t […]

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The Remains Of A Decade

I celebrated my 39th birthday yesterday. That’s 14,246 days (including leap years and today) or roughly 1 billion 230 million 854 thousand 400 seconds on this big blue planet (for those of you who were counting). So what does this mean? Really not much. Thirty-nine is just another number. I don’t feel any different from what […]

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Before I left for my epic adventure to China I was asked by several people about the possibility of experiencing homesickness while I was away. Given the length of my trip – approximately 5 weeks – the question was a valid one. The question was often repeated while I was away – from friends and […]

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The Great China Adventure Of 2014

It’s strange to think that I was in Beijing China less than a week ago. It’s especially strange to think about it given that I left Beijing at 1:50pm Thursday July 31st, flying 12+ hours through daytime to night time and back to daytime again, and landed in Toronto at 2:10pm Thursday July 31st. Clearly I must have […]

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