28 Down 62 To Go

Week four of the 90 Day Fitness Challenge was trying; very trying. It started off filled with good intentions and kick-ass energy, but then life decided to get in the way and that all changed. Initially I was worried that work was going to be the main challenge – what with three major events this week. […]

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Take That Cold Weather

I woke up yesterday morning to the news that it was -23C outside but that it felt like -29C with the windchill. Seriously, who decides that these temperatures are okay? As I huddled under my covers shivering from the thought of -29C, I began to wonder whether or not heading outside for a run was […]

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Buyer’s Remorse? Not Yet

Today is a comfy-pants kind of day. Like many of you, I spent yesterday celebrating the Christmas holiday the way it was intended to be celebrated: with lots and lots of food. And booze. And more food. And coffee. Also scotch. And pie. And because I’m a spoiled bastard, I did all of this while […]

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I Miss The Mountains

On Tuesday afternoon I made my way back home to Guelph, having spent the prior week visiting Rick in Calgary. The adventure was amazing – but that really wasn’t a difficult bar to pass given that the trip involved mountains, hiking, meeting up with friends, good food, a drink known as Better Than Folgers, more […]

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So This Is 38

Thirty-eight. Three Eight. Three. Eight. I’m trying to decide if thirty-eight has a nice ring to it or not. There’s nothing particularly wrong with thirty-eight. It’s a perfectly cromulent number, composed of two rather curvy digits (and who doesn’t like curvy digits?). But it’s also not entirely notable. It doesn’t represent any of the standard […]

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Several weeks ago there was an incident at the Stone Road Mall. I think it had something to do with a coolant leak, but details were scarce. Okay, maybe details weren’t truly scarce. Maybe I just didn’t really do any research to find out what happened. We’ll probably never know. All I do know is […]

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Everyday Heroes

I am freezing. Fortunately, I’m in the safety of my warm comfy home, in my warm comfy pants, enjoying the warmth of the wee fuzzball lying next to me, and savouring the extra hot tea I’ve just made. All told, a fantastic situation. However, things could have been much worse. You see, after another long […]

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