Nepal. That Is All.

It’s been less than a week since I bought my tickets to Nepal, and I still find myself giggling with glee every time I think about it. Seriously. So much glee. ALL THE GLEE. And I know I’m not alone. Earlier this week Rick sent me a very simple text message. Nepal. That is all. Yes! Fortuitously, […]

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A Dog For Cole

A few days ago – maybe a week ago at this point – I saw a post on Facebook that captured my attention. A friend of mine – who on no less than eleventy billion occasions has offered me an amazing smile, support, and fantastic advice – shared some news about her family. Her son Cole was diagnosed this […]

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Curse You Temple

Mother Nature has foiled us again. After much discussion, plotting, and organization, she decided to throw a huge wrench into our Mount Temple conquering plans. With winter conditions and blowing snow, Rick, Paul, and I decided for safety reasons that we should postpone our Temple adventure until next year. Nuts. For those of you who don’t […]

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We Can And Must Do Better

The following is a response I provided on a friend’s Facebook feed. The response follows a set of comments voiced in reply to this article: Ottawa Parkdale Food Centre Says No To Food Like KD, Gets Criticized Online. Whether or not you believe it is right for Parkdale to reject certain types of food donations, I think […]

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