Curse You Temple

Mother Nature has foiled us¬†again. After much discussion, plotting, and organization, she decided to throw a huge wrench into our Mount Temple conquering plans. With winter conditions and blowing snow, Rick, Paul, and I decided for safety reasons that we should postpone our Temple adventure until next year. Nuts. For those of you who don’t […]

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I May Have Broken The Law

So just over a week ago I made my way once again to the airport for fun and adventure – this time in the form of a wedding1. In Vegas2. Having never been to Vegas I really didn’t know what to expect, but this trip wasn’t so much about Vegas itself as it was about […]

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That’s #2394 To You

So apparently the Around the Bay 30km race is less than 3 weeks away. I realized this at some point this morning when I received notice that I had been assigned a bib number. EEP! A bib number means business – serious business. And today I learned that serious business went by the bib number […]

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It’s Time

In just over 6 weeks I’ll be lacing up to run the oldest race in North America; Hamilton‘s 30km Around the Bay. If you’ll recall, I ran this particular course last year in 2:53:12, despite fuelling myself with nothing more than a granola bar and a cup of coffee1. This year, based on the lessons […]

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What’s Another 7.8km?

Yesterday¬†I wrote about the upcoming racing season. In that post I indicated that I had signed up to run the Hamilton 30km Around the Bay, and the Toronto GoodLife Marathon in March and May, respectively. There was also talk of running the Chocolate Race in Port Dalhousie, and the Yonge Street 10km. I finished the […]

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Let The Race Season Begin

And so it begins. Today I registered for my first 2 races of the 2013 running season. Actually, I guess the Donald Duck half marathon and the Mickey Mouse full marathon are part of the 2013 race season, but I’m not counting them exactly. The first race – at least according to my current race […]

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