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Just A Coffee, Huh?


Short and hurried post that’s not really a post but will have to do for now.

Coffee with brother. Away from house for 1 hour max. Phone call from Condo Corporation. Pipe burst. Get home. Water everywhere. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Also, a litter box plus water makes litter soup. Or goulash. I’m not sure which. Gross.

Colour me annoyed. Colour me tired. Colour me numb. Colour me wet and cold.

So much water.

To be continued…


When Fuzzball Attacks

Elliot doing his best Yoda impression.

Remember how I adopted Elliot from a friend not so long ago? Well, not so long ago has actually been about 7 months already. How crazy is that? Even more crazy than that, is that Elliot has established himself in my life to such a degree, that I can’t imagine ever not having him, nor can I imagine him not being around, purring in my face, jumping in my lap, batting papers and pens all over the place. He really is the best cat in the history of cats, ever.

Don't be fooled - behind that cute exterior, he's plotting your demise.

The epicness of Elliot is something that I have oft commented on here at Consumed By Wanderlust. Many times you’ve likely read about his cuteness, his cuddly-ness, his snuggly-ness. Well today I present to you the other side of Elliot. The darker, deadlier side. Today I present to you, dear readers, When Fuzzball Attacks.

But wait a tick. You don’t believe that such a giant ball of cuteness could have a darker side? You shan’t be surprised, as this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it. In fact, a few months ago I warned would-be-thieves that while I was out the house was protected by an attack cat. And I wasn’t kidding. He’s cute, but given the chance he’ll take you out.

Still don’t believe me? Well then, I have no choice but to present to you video evidence of Elliot’s darker side; the vicious beast that lies within, waiting for the right moment to strike; Dark Kitty if you will.

Protect your jugular folks, this is about to get real.

There’s A Man In My Bed And He’s Very Snuggly


I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of my family. His name is Elliot and he is just over 2 years old.  Further, he is completely made of 100% Pure Grade A Awesome.  Clearly.

I recently adopted Elliot when my very good friend Jamie moved. And while it was absolutely heartbreaking to see Jamie having to give up Elliot, it was for a really good reason and I’m more than happy to help (Never fear Jamie, Elliot is in good hands).  It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve been threatening to cat-nap Elliot since I first met him several months ago. He really is just that awesome.  He’s incredibly affectionate and cuddly for a cat.  I’d go so far as to suggest that he’s a very snuggly dog in a cat costume.

Snuggles! From the look on his face and the outstretched toes, this was just as good for him as it was for me!

Of course, the adoption comes with at least 2 rules:

  1. Jamie retains visitation rights, and
  2. Jamie retains snuggling rights.

I can definitely live within the confines of these rules.  In fact, I think they are a small price to pay for the pleasure of adopting Elliot.

For those unaware, I have not had a pet for a very long time. In fact, the last pet I had was Cali1; back in the days when I lived with Arlene2. Cali was and still is an amazing cat. Bat-shit-crazy, yes, but amazing nonetheless. She has been living in Connecticut since Arlene moved there oh so many years ago. I miss both of them so freaking much.

Shitty Kitty taking a nap.

Why haven’t I had a pet in that long? Mainly because I realized how much my sinuses suffered after Cali moved to Connecticut.  However, having spent significant time hanging with Elliot when I was cat-sitting, I found that my sinuses were fine (more or less).  I still have some issues if, for example, I bury my face in Elliot’s fur when hugging him, or snuggling with him (which I have been known to do).  But I can just hold off on such pathetic displays of affection.  I mean I am a Leo after all; clearly I don’t feel feelings such as snuggling and hugging.  Those are considered feelings right?

Anyway, Elliot moved in on Monday. The first couple of nights were clearly rough for him. While he seemed at ease when he first arrived, it was very clear that he missed his dad. He spent all of Monday night wandering the condo meowing/yowling very loudly.  Thankfully I was able to sleep through the bulk of this.  Tuesday was much the same.  I actually began to wonder if he weren’t conducting an experiment to test the acoustics of my condo.  Wednesday night was the first night he decided to snuggle in bed with me. Since then, he has curled up next to me every eve in the exact same spot.  This spot on my bed is now known as the Elliot-spot or the Elliot-nappy-time-fun-fun-zone.  Overall, I take his recent territory-marking as a sign that he’s adjusting to his new home, and that he is slowly adopting me.

As I write this post, he is curled up in a ball to my left snoozing in his Elliot-spot. He’s so freaking cute, I want to squeeze him. But I think instead I’ll just let him sleep. Moving can be quite traumatic, and I don’t want to freak him out any more than is necessary.

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1 So we’re talking 10 years ago!

2 Arlene and I also affectionately referred to her as Shitty Kitty.