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When Fuzzball Attacks

Elliot doing his best Yoda impression.

Remember how I adopted Elliot from a friend not so long ago? Well, not so long ago has actually been about 7 months already. How crazy is that? Even more crazy than that, is that Elliot has established himself in my life to such a degree, that I can’t imagine ever not having him, nor can I imagine him not being around, purring in my face, jumping in my lap, batting papers and pens all over the place. He really is the best cat in the history of cats, ever.

Don't be fooled - behind that cute exterior, he's plotting your demise.

The epicness of Elliot is something that I have oft commented on here at Consumed By Wanderlust. Many times you’ve likely read about his cuteness, his cuddly-ness, his snuggly-ness. Well today I present to you the other side of Elliot. The darker, deadlier side. Today I present to you, dear readers, When Fuzzball Attacks.

But wait a tick. You don’t believe that such a giant ball of cuteness could have a darker side? You shan’t be surprised, as this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it. In fact, a few months ago¬†I warned would-be-thieves that while I was out the house was protected by an attack cat. And I wasn’t kidding. He’s cute, but given the chance he’ll take you out.

Still don’t believe me? Well then, I have no choice but to present to you video evidence of Elliot’s darker side; the vicious beast that lies within, waiting for the right moment to strike; Dark Kitty if you will.

Protect your jugular folks, this is about to get real.