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And The Golden Moustache Award Goes To…

And the winner is...everyone!
And the winner is…everyone!

And just like that the contest is over. We can all wake tomorrow knowing that most of the moustaches we see today will be replaced by freshly shaven faces. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on the individual sporting said ‘stache and your own personal facial hair preferences.

Anyway, after some rather intense competition we have the winners of this years MoContest.

Insert drum roll here

Congratulations to Justin – with 47% of the vote – you have been voted by ConsumedByWanderlust readers as the man with the manliest of manly moustaches. You have, in the eyes of the readers, done men everywhere proud. As such, you have won a $100 donation to your Movember campaign. Great job sir. You may celebrate your manly victory by scratching, belching, drinking beer, drinking scotch, eating wings, watching football, or whatever other stereotypical thing you feel that manly men do.

Congratulations also go out to Adam – with 61 % of the vote – you have been voted by ConsumedByWanderlust readers to receive the Heart was willing but the follicles were not award. While your ‘stache may not have been the fullest or bushiest, we respect your attempt to strike fear into the heart of manly cancers. For that you have won a $35 donation to your Movember campaign (courtesy of @common_st). You too may celebrate your victory. Of course, you may want to scratch extra hard, belch extra loud, and drink an extra dram of scotch or two in order to prove to the world that you are a real man, despite what your follicles might imply1.

Thanks again to all of the contestants. You guys rock. And thank you also to @common_st for once again donating to this hilarious contest.

We’ll see you again next Movember.


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Mid month
End of month


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1 I only mock because my ‘stache would, after 30 days, look like this.


Time To Choose

Holy hell it’s already the 29th. That means we have one day remaining in Movember – the month where those who have the follicular ability sprout whiskers of awesomeness in support of men’s cancer research. Since I am what one might call follicularly challenged, I have once again opted to support my Mo-bros by holding a wee contest. The idea – figure out who has the manliest of manly moustaches after the Movember challenge has ended.

The prize? A $100 donation to the man who sports the pornstachiest moustachiest manliest manly moustache of 2012. For extra fun, however, I am not deciding who wins. That, dear readers, is up to you. And so, I offer you the following manly specimens of manliness. Your job, pick the moustache that you believe exemplifies the moustache of 2012.

But that’s not all. We also have a donation of $35 (courtesy of @common_st) to the man with the Heart Was Willing But The Follicles Were Not┬ámoustache.

The man with the most votes by 8pm tomorrow night (in either category) will win. Good luck to all of the entrants.

Contestant 1

Nick (@Merc_Media)

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Contestant 2

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Mid month
End of month

Contestant 3


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Contestant 4


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Contestant 5

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Contestant 6


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The Movember Contest

Did all y’all forget about it? I didn’t. Well, I almost forgot about it given the craziness of the past week; you know, what with my brother’s being t-boned on Wednesday night. Anyway, I’ll update more on my brother later.

For now it’s all about the testosterone and the ever so manly ability to grow facial hair above one’s upper lip.

At the beginning of the month, I posted about Movember and my being follicle-y challenged. At that point I decided that I would create a contest that honours the best moustache that Movember could produce. I asked Mo-Bros (as they are called) to send me their info, a clean-shaven shot, and then on the 28th an updated pic. Today is that day. I’ve updated the contest page (found above), but have also included up to date photos of the 6 contestants below.



Beyond these awesome displays of testosterone-y goodness, today also marks the day that you the readers get to judge the crumb-catchers that these men have produced. Originally I was going to narrow down the list of contestants to 5 with a follow-up poll on the 29th. However, since there are only 6 contestants I think I’ll just keep the poll open from now until the 30th. The person with the most votes within each of the polls below will win. For those contestants – this is your opportunity to recruit help from your friends to get your votes as high as they can be.

You may also recall that the contest started out with 1 prize; a $100 donation to the person voted to have the favourite moustache. But two extra prizes were added to the list thanks to the generosity of Dana (@common_st), and David (@davidjestill) of the Twitterverse. Since this brings our total number of donation-prizes to be won to 3, there are 3 polls (below). Please select the contestants that you feel are most deserving of the donation-prizes available.

Favourite Moustache

Fanciest Moustache

Follicle-y Challenged Moustache