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It’s Just About The Best Day Ever

Today started off as most other days. I woke up at the crack of early, snuggled with Elliot, prepped for meetings and classes, then made my way downstairs for a wee bit of breakfast. This was followed by a quick shower, a quicker shave, and finding something to wear. In all honesty – it was a typical day.

And then something extraordinary happened.

Earlier today – I think perhaps while I was in a meeting – I received the following tweet.


I want to offer a huge thank you to Dana (a.k.a. @common_st) for passing on this vital information. Not only was I unaware that it was World Whisky Day1, but it reminded me that I needed to buy my March bottle of scotch. That’s right folks, it’s almost the end of the month and I almost forgot to purchase this month’s bottle2. For shame Gillis. For shame.

Anyway, given that I had already agreed to venture to the liquor store this eve in search of something that my brother had asked me to hunt down – which sadly, I wasn’t able to find – I figured this, in combination with Dana’s tweet, was a sign from the universe that I should get off my duff and buy a new bottle of scotch. Because yes, the universe concerns itself with my love affair with scotch.

So, after a short run and some stretching, I sauntered over to the liquor store to find myself my newest scotchy mistress. And because the universe concerns itself with my love affair with scotch, I was drawn to one bottle among the many fine scotchy mistresses available. She goes by the name Caol Ila (pronounced, as the box she came in informs me, Cull Ee-la3). Readers, meet Caol Ila. Caol Ila, meet readers.

Elliot - not so much a fan of the scotch.

A little bit about Caol Ila (pulled from the box):

Brilliant, clean and refined, this golden Caol Ila Distillers Edition has a deep, sweet and smoky flavour profile that suggests the intense, saturated colours of late afternoon sunshine after a storm has passed.

I’m not so sure about the saturated colours of late afternoon after a storm has passed, but I can say that it smells fantastic. Definitely peaty, slightly smoky, but also with a sweetness. Elliot, however, does not agree with this assessment. Of course, that’s fine with me – it just means I don’t have to share it with him.

As for flavour – it’s light, but at the same time definitely peaty and smoky and earthy. In other words – quite tasty. I think this particular scotch has one of the stronger peat flavours of all of my scotches, and I do loves me some peaty flavours. Clearly this is something I will have to investigate further when I finally have my scotch tasting.

ZOMG. So. Good.

Now because Dana (a.k.a. common_st) is awesome, she also passed on the following quote:

“I carry a flask of whisky in case of snakebite & of course, always carry a small snake”-W.C. Fields

This is now one of my new favourite quotes. In fact, I think I’m going to start carrying a small snake with me just in case I need to use my scotch.

Happy World (Scotch) Whisky Day all y’all.

Oh – look at that. It appears as if I’ve just been bitten by a small snake.


2 For those who might have forgotten (or who were never aware in the first place), I’ve set myself the daunting task of buying a new bottle of scotch each and every month of 2012. Ultimately the goal is to establish a collection of different scotches, while also learning about the fine fine spirit that I love oh so much.

3 Which, if said quickly sounds a bit like Leela (from Futurama).

My Pavlovian Response – Highly Questionable

My growing collection. The January bottle is the second from the front. February is the third last. Note - the order of their presentation is meaningless.

So I mentioned the other day that I had picked up my February bottle of scotch – part of my mission to buy a new bottle of scotch each month for the duration of 2012 (and item #251 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list). The goal – build up both my collection and my knowledge of the spirit that I love so much.

Anyway, something I learned a while ago but apparently keep screwing up is the pronunciation of the word islay. I continue to insist on saying Eye-Lay despite knowing that it’s supposed to be pronounced Eye-La. Even worse, the proper pronunciation is written on my bottle of Lagavulin. You’d figure that since I’m getting a treat (read scotch) that I’d be more apt to retain information such as this – positive reinforcement and all that. But no – Pavlov’s dog apparently learns quicker than I do.

Anyway, in preparation for a scotch tasting (either this month or next), I’ve decided I should document the scotch that I have. Specifically, I’m creating a new page devoted to scotch. However, in order to keep things tidy and such like, I figured I’d merge it somehow with my wine page. And since wine, spirits, and beer oft go hand in hand, I’ve opted to create a separate sub-page for each, all nicely housed under the heading LCBO1.

So, if nothing else, this post is simply to say – hey, look up there at the menu because it’s different and somewhat shiny and new. Expect the scotch page to be slowly updated with comments from the scotch tastings (both good and bad). The beer page will probably be populated once I figure out exactly what I want to post there (besides beer, obviously). For now, consider it a page holder.

Lordy, all of this work and talk of scotch has made me thirsty. I wonder whatever I should do? Ha!

Logo of LCBO.

1 For those readers not familiar with the LCBO – also known as the Liquor Control Board of Ontario – this is where citizens of the province of Ontario (Canada) go to purchase their spirits, wine, and beer. We also have The Beer Store, and The Wine Rack.

Happy Scotchy Burns Day

Enjoying my Lagavulin. I mean punishment. I mean, not enjoying my punishment. I'm so confused.

Happy Robbie Burns Day all y’all.

I have a confession to make. If not for a random Tweet that I read earlier today, I would have completely forgotten it was Robbie Burns Day.

Me – a lover of all things scotchy and delicious forgetting Robbie Burns Day? The day that people ’round the world celebrate Scotland‘s Favourite Son. Sacrilegious at best. Unforgivable at worst.

But don’t worry folks, I’m disgusted with me too. In fact, I’ve decided for being so forgetful about such an important night on which to have an excuse to drink scotch (Does one really need an excuse? I’d suggest no.) that I should be punished somehow. Fortunately for me, I’m not much of a disciplinarian. As such, I’ve determined the only punishment fitting this crime is a glass of scotch. Which also serves the function of being a celebratory glass of scotch given that it is Robbie Burns day.

Hmmm, I’m clearly efficient, what with my dual purpose glass of scotch. So efficient, that I should probably reward myself with another glass of scotch.

I really love how my mind works sometimes.

Scotchy Scotchy Scotch

Say hello to my (new) little friends :)
I love scotch. Scotchy scotchy scotch

As I was sitting here sipping away on some very tasty 10 year old Ardbeg Islay single malt scotch, a thought struck me. Specifically, I realized that in my list of goals for 2012 (see here, herehere, and here for some examples), none involved scotch. How, for the love of all things tasty, did I forget scotch?

Anyway, given that I’ve been exploring scotch for some time but still feel as if I don’t have a satisfactory grasp on all of its amazing qualities, I’ve decided that another goal for 2012 is to drink more scotch. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that I should drink bucket loads of scotch. I simply mean that I should sample more types of scotch. And perhaps take notes. And share them with you, my fine readers.

So, take this as an official proclamation: I hereby vow to buy a new bottle of scotch each and every month in the year 2012. Each bottle must be new to me. That is, it cannot already exist in my collection (which currently includes Lagavulin 16-year-old, Aberlour A’bunadh, Glenrothes Robur Reserve, Glenmorangie 10-year-old, and the aforementioned Ardbeg). However, I do allow that I may buy from the same distillery, so long as the scotch is of a different age. For example, I could buy a 10- and 18-year-old scotch from the same distillery if the opportunity presented itself. Furthermore, I will have at least 2 scotch tastings throughout the year, documented on this blog so that I might pass on whatever knowledge I gain during said tastings.

I have added these goals to my Not-So-Bucket-List so as to make them official. They are now items #251 and #252. That’s how serious I take my scotch education. Scotchucation?

And with that, I’m out for the year. See all y’all in the future. I leave you with this video from Anchorman.

Calgary Adventure: Day 1-2

As I have mentioned before, I suffer from a mad case of the wanderlust.  It consumes me; hence the name of this blog.  And as I’ve mentioned before, the simple act of boarding a plane is usually enough to sate the voice in my head that plays the following on repeat and at varying volumes -

you need some adventure,

you need to see something new,

you need to experience everything that is out there.

And not being one to not listen to the voices in my head, I contacted my fellow adventurer Rick (who also suffers from a mad case of the wanderlust) and booked a flight to Calgary1.

What adventure were we going to find here?  Who knows?  I had several things in mind, but my last-minute-booking has naturally put them into question.  For example, Zorbing only occurs in the summer.  Bobsledding (as in, the bobsledding that one watches during the Olympics) needs to be booked way in advance, and additionally the bobsled season closed several weeks ago.  It’s far too cold for skydiving, and some of the mountain climbing is limited due to snow.  For a moment, it really seemed like everything that I wanted to do was going to be nixed.  Would this put an end to the adventure before it even started?

Of course not.  Awesome doesn’t give up.  And in some cases, Awesome just has to wait and the answer to the solution will present itself.  And that dear readers, is when serendipity struck.  Our friends Karen and Steve informed us they were heading to Revelstoke, B.C. for the Easter weekend.  And it just so happened that there was a room available for us.  So after a few phone calls, our room has been booked and we are heading there tomorrow morning.  w00t!  The extra awesome part about this, is that I will be able to cross off items #127 and #167 from my Not-So-Bucket-List list.  Of course, I was hoping that #167 would involve a tropical type of adventure, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  And I guess that means I’ll just have to add another item on my list; specifically Travel with Rick again, again.

In the meantime, we’re spending out time catching up and eating as well as we can.  Yesterday we ventured to Catch, an oyster bar located on 8th Ave.  There we met up with Sony (who greeted me with a High Five – AWESOME), Rob, Steve and Karen.  The food was great, as was the scotch.  Given that I have some sort of weird throat/sinus thing going on, I figured that a glass of scotch was just what the doctor ordered (specifically, a glass of Lagavulin).  And since I ordered it, it was what the doctor ordered – HA.  Okay, I know I’ve used that joke before, but it makes me giggle so you’ll have to forgive me.

Oyster deliciousness.

For dinner I opted for a platter of 12 raw oysters; 9 west coast, 3 east coast.  They were all delicious, but my favourite were the Kussi oysters.  When the waitress first introduced them to me (and ultimately my stomach), I thought she said they were called coochie oysters.  And while coochie and Kussi sound similar over the din of a busy restaurant, I would say that one of those sounds far more appetizing than the other.  At least, in my humble opinion.  After verifying the name, I was able to spot them behind the bar and thus find out the appropriate spelling.

Today Rick is working, so I’m sitting at a Starbucks getting extra caffeinated. Later we are opting for a run. Tomorrow we are getting up bright and early to get a head start on our 5ish hour journey to Revelstoke. Who knows what shenanigans we might get up to there. I can’t wait. And hopefully I’ll be able to cross off a few more things on my Not-So-Bucket-List list.

1 And with that flight I was able to check off item #170 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list.