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Vacation Starts Now

Okay, vacation starts in about 2 hours. But really, I’m so stoked about vacation that my brain has pretty much checked out. Two little hours. One hundred and twenty minutes. Seven thousand two hundred seconds. I can do this.

For those of you that may have forgotten, my younger brother and I are heading to New York City on Sunday. This will be Aidan’s first visit, and my eleventy-billionth. I really can’t get enough of that city. Not much is planned apart from visits to any or all of the following:

But nothing is set in stone as this trip is really free-form. And I love travelling like this, especially since Aidan and I have a way of finding things that are awesome. Or perhaps trouble/adventure has a way of finding us. Either way, adventure is out there and we’re going to take part in it.

The extra awesome part about this trip is that Arlene will be meeting me in New York for a day. I haven’t seen her in far too long and it will be awesome to catch up. Arlene is one of the most amazing people in the history of ever. She’s someone who you can’t help but love. Seriously – I challenge anyone not to lover her. You can’t. It’s impossible.

Anyway, we met in first year – we had a chemistry lab together – but we didn’t really get to know each other until second year. Her mom (affectionately known as Toots) saw me helping people move in – I was an orientation volunteer – and told Arlene “He looks nice, you should make friends with him.” She still takes credit for our friendship. Anyway, after that Arlene has been one of the most important figures in my life, even if I don’t get to see her often. So naturally, I can’t wait to see her and give her a huge hug. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

But as I said – two more hours – less than that even. W00t!

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Does This Spell The End Of My Wanderlusting?

A get well note for Bernie from his eldest daughter Makenzie.

After visiting the hospital today to see Becky and my brother, Aidan and I headed to Simcoe to visit my parents. We figured it would do all of us good to have a normal family dinner. And it did.

Over dinner we chatted about the obvious; that being my brother and the accident. We also chatted about Christmas and what that would entail. You see, Aidan and I had planned to fly to Europe for three weeks over Christmas and New Years. However, given the current situation with my brother, it seems like a far better idea to stick around and spend time with the family.

But don’t worry folks; this isn’t the end of my wanderlusting ways. Far from it. During our drives back and forth from the hospital, Aidan and I have been chatting about what our plans could be. Clearly we both know that being home for Christmas is the only option. But we also know that travel is still in our very near future. In fact, after our conversation today I think we’ve figured out where were going to go and when we are going to go there. So, without further ado let me present to you the

New & Improved

Dan & Aidan Fun Time Christmas Travel Adventure


Destination: New York City!

Say what? New York City? Again? Weren’t you just in the Big Apple?

Why yes, yes I was, thank you for noticing. But really, this is a no-brainer. Flights are inexpensive. Hotels are inexpensive (for NYC). The time of year is right. I love the city. And even more: Aidan has never been there. This is clearly something that I should have rectified long ago. Regardless, the plan is to hit the Big Apple one more time this year. On our list of things to do:

I’m sure there will be other items added to the list, but this is a good start for now. And as always, I shall keep you posted on my wanderlusting and my adventuring.