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Just A Wee 30000 Tweets

Twitter – it’s good for you

So if I’ve timed this correctly, this post will become part of my 30000th tweet.

Holy hell.

Thirty thousand tweets. I can’t believe I had that much to say. Of course, I’m not going to pretend that it was all stellar. I’m sure far from it. Hopefully, though, I’ve managed to entertain or educate more than annoy or confuse.

But, this post isn’t really about me writing down my thoughts in 140 characters or less. It’s about Twitter in general.

When I started using Twitter back in the old time-y days of whenever the hell I started using it, I never expected it to be more than a communication tool with my friend Dr. Beth (whom just so happened to be the first person I followed on the Twitter).

That soon changed. It wasn’t long after I started tweeting that I met a group of individuals, all who lived in Guelph, who I might never have met otherwise. They were doctors of all sorts; they were computer geeks; they were photographers; they were writers. Some were number crunchers, some musicians, some athletes, and some who hadn’t worked out in a long time but were trying with every fibre of their being to be healthier. Others dabbled in personal finance, or mortgages, or nutrition. Some were restauranteurs. Some were geeks. Some were nerds. And some would argue that there was no difference between the two.

Despite the different paths that brought all of them to Twitter, the thing that became immediately obvious to me was the fact that these people were amazing. These people were the life blood of Guelph. They cared. They cared intensely. They cared about everything. They all had a vision that wanted to see Guelph moving, always moving, towards something better.

And I think that is why I kept tweeting – because it wasn’t just that there were people out there willing to listen to my random ramblings. It’s because there were people out there who cared about our city and the people who lived here. It’s because there were people out there who cared about making our world just a little bit better. And more than that, it’s because there were people out there who decided to actually do instead of just talk. 

So here’s to 30000 tweets, and here’s to 30000 more. But more than that, here’s to the amazing people I’ve met via the Twitter. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for challenging me and supporting me when I decide to do crazy things. Thank you for reminding me that there are helpers in this world. Most importantly, thank you for inspiring me each and every day.

Running With My Tweeps

Okay, I know I write about running a lot, and at some point I’ll return to my other nerdier pursuits1, but I needed to write this particular post for several reasons.

Reason the first: I wanted a place to keep all of the messages that I received during the Toronto Goodlife Marathon on Sunday (posted below). For those not in the know, I set the accessibility options on my trusty iPhone so that it would read aloud any text message or tweet that I received while I was running. Then, I put this information out into the ether and let my Twitter friends do the rest2.

Reason the second: Many of the tweets that I received were absolutely hilarious. It was fantastic to have these short messages read to me while I ran. They were uplifting and just what I needed at all the right times. As such, I wanted to share them with you, dear readers, so that you might also understand my rather unique marathon experience.

Reason the third: I wanted to say thank you again to everyone who took the time to follow the race, and to send me the messages of support. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am a lucky bastard that I get to have so many crazy-awesome people in my life. So to all of you who watched, texted, tweeted, or called, thank you for being incredible, thank you for your tweets and texts, thank you for your virtual and IRL3 high-fives. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you.

1 You know – talking about math and stats, or math and stats related things, or scotch, or pie, or pi.

2 And boy did they deliver :)

3 IRL = In Real Life.

The Baker Street Luncheoning

#LunchUpGuelph, January 2012 at the Baker Street Station

Okay, I’ve been slacking a bit. I was just perusing my list-o-things-I-have-yet-to-blog-about – a list that includes such working titles as scotch tasting 2012, a curve with no width, dear students (not to be confused with dear professors), and that’s one too many hoo-hoos for my liking - and I’ve realized that I haven’t blogged about the most recent (and thus first for 2012) #LunchUpGuelph.

For those who might not know (or if perhaps you’ve forgotten), you can learn more about #LunchUpGuelph here, and here.

In short, #LunchUpGuelph is a monthly get together of a bunch of very awesome people who just so happened to meet on the Twitter, thank you very much. And with each get together, the group seems to grow. This makes perfect sense since awesome attracts awesome (it’s a scientific fact folks1, look it up). These awesome folks gather in one of Guelph’s many unique pubs, restaurants, or cafes, and usually between the hours of 1 and 3. There we mingle, chat, laugh, and enjoy some very fine fare that the city has to offer.

This month, we gathered at the recently opened Baker Street Station. If you haven’t been, go. Seriously. The food is fantastic and they have a grand collection of tasty beverages.

But it’s not all just eating and laughing and eating and laughing. Good things – really good things – come when you put so many awesome people into one room. If you are wondering why I suggest – nay insist – that the people who attend are awesome, let me provide the following facts to you2

And the list goes on. One thing is certainly clear – the #LunchUpGuelph’ers are a group of kick-ass individuals that truly take their community to heart. So a huge thank you to everyone who comes out. A huge thank you to the organizers. And a huge thank you to all for continuing to do such amazing things for Guelph and the surrounding community. You truly are an inspiration.
And after 5 #LunchUpGuelphs I have to say that I’m excited to see what other things we get up to.

1 Hey, if Fox News can call what they do ‘fact’, then I can write this and call it ‘scientific fact’.

2 Okay, these are actual facts. As in, not ‘Fox News Facts’, but real, honest to goodness information.

3 Confession: I’m making a big guess here as I only have the totals for the first 2 events and the most recent event. Consider the 300 lbs an educated best guess, but a guess nonetheless.

Get Your Boogie On With Edible Books

Get your Twitter Hash Tag Boogie on!

For the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying another nerdly game. Yes, I’m still playing KenKen, but there’s a new game in town. And this one is challenging and often hilarious. It requires people from around the globe, and demands a lot of imagination. For lack of a better name, the game is called Twitter Hash Tag Boogie. Okay, I totally just made that up, but I’m going to go with it in the hopes that it sticks.

What exactly is Twitter Hash Tag Boogie? It’s probably easier to demonstrate then explain. And to do that, I’ll call out two people who contribute to this game on a daily basis; @MyVogonPoetry, and @Expatina (if you have a Twitter account, I suggest you follow them. You won’t be disappointed).

At some point today, @MyVogonPoetry had posted a tweet containing the following hashtag:


Seeing this, one might think what the what? But it’s not as complicated as it looks. It’s sort of like a clue and a direction all in one. A cluerection? That so doesn’t sound right. I digress.

Anyway, in response I tweeted the following:

  • The Hunt for Red Octoberfest Sausage

    Doing the Twitter Hash Tag Boogie. I guess.
  • To Sirloin with Love
  • Lord of the Onion Rings
  • I Gnocchi This Much Is True
  • The Hunchbackbacon of Notre Dame
  • Mary Shelley‘s Franks ‘N Beans
  • Blood Pudding Diamonds
  • A Clockwork Orangejuice
  • Gone With the Wine
  • Hot Dog Soldiers
  • Blood Orange Meridian
  • Young Goodman Brown Rice
  • A Million Little Reeses Pieces
  • The Highwaymanwich

Get it? I’ve listed titles of books but have modified them to include something edible. It’s an exceptionally simple concept, but you’d be amazed how difficult it can be to get started. The problem is that the minute ‘books’ is selected, every book title leaves your brain. Of course, once you get going, the ideas fly and it’s almost difficult to keep up. Additionally, you can watch all the other people out there coming up with some pretty amazing responses. I enjoyed The Scarlet Cheddar, Rosemary’s Baby Back Ribs, Sex and the Twinkie, Cacciatore-22, and Alice in Wonderbread to name a few.

Earlier today, I also joined in on @expatina’s #CorporateSongs Twitter Hash Tag Boogie, by adding the following to the list of tweets

  • All Along the Water Cooler
  • Saturday Night’s Alright For Faxing

Clearly, I didn’t do so well with that particular game. Of course, I was in the middle of an analysis and writing up my NSERC grant, so maybe my mind was focussed on other things. Sure, we’ll go with that.

Anyway, if you think of any good responses to either #EdibleBooks or #CorporateSongs, please leave them in the comments. Or better yet, jump on Twitter and join in the fun.