Nepal. That Is All.

It’s been less than a week since I bought my tickets to Nepal, and I still find myself giggling with glee every time I think about it. Seriously. So much glee. ALL THE GLEE. And I know I’m not alone. Earlier this week Rick sent me a very simple text message. Nepal. That is all. Yes! Fortuitously, […]

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On The Topic Of Wanderlust

While my friends Beth and Rick were in town over the Christmas holidays, we spent some time chatting about travel (as we are wont to do). Both Beth and Rick have been on some pretty fantastic adventures over the past year (for example, read about their awesome but separate trips to Ireland here, and here1), […]

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Praise Be To Google

When I was young I was rather fortunate in that I was exposed to computers early. I remember my brother and I creating short programs on the Commodore 64 that Canadian Tire had on display when it was first introduced, and thinking we were some sort of computer geniuses. 10 Print “Hello world” 20 Goto 10 Oh […]

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Prepping For Awesome

A few days ago I was describing my need to write more blog posts to help keep myself on track. Setting goals and creating lists is a bit of a thing for me, but I find that if I don’t take the time to sit down and reflect on those I’ve met or those that still elude […]

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I Miss The Mountains

On Tuesday afternoon I made my way back home to Guelph, having spent the prior week visiting Rick in Calgary. The adventure was amazing – but that really wasn’t a difficult bar to pass given that the trip involved mountains, hiking, meeting up with friends, good food, a drink known as Better Than Folgers, more […]

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Sparrowhawk Down

Yesterday we conquered Mount Sparrowhawk and it was – in a word – amazing. Sparrowhawk stands 3121m (10239ft) above sea level, and requires 1350m (4429ft) of elevation gain from the trailhead to reach the summit. The hike began at 10:40am and ended about 8.5 hours later (including several stops for snacks, and about an hour […]

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