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Let The Semester Begin!

My walk to work starts here. Granted, it doesn't usually have ice covered tree branches in the way.
My walk to work starts here. Granted, it doesn’t usually have ice-covered tree branches in the way.

Today is the first day of the winter 2014 semester, or as I like to think of it – Reading Week bookended by class. Twelve weeks of class to be exact; six on either end.

I’m actually pretty excited to get back to work. Don’t get me wrong, working in the comfort of my pajamas is always better than trudging myself to the office, especially when that trudging involves ice and snow and howling wind. However, until I figure out a way to effectively lecture 70+ students in User Interface Design whilst sipping a coffee and enjoying my fireplace, my need to be on campus will remain. And if I’m being completely honest, I love teaching so trudging through the winter weather is very much worth the trouble.

Despite the fact that today is day one of a semester that still has that new-semester smell, I’ve been mulling over potential destination ideas for Reading Week. Apparently wanderlust never dies. Since it’s only a week-long, the destination can’t be too distant. As much as I’m crazy enough to fly somewhere (Japan for example) for a week, I’m going to save that type of travel for later in the year. I’m thinking I may keep myself confined to North or Central America.

Deciding on a location, however, is the second decision that needs to be made. The first decision is to figure out what type of vacation I want/need. That is, should I go with an adventure vacation (think hiking, mountain climbing, zorbing, skydiving, cliff jumping, bungee jumping, etc.) or a relaxation vacation (think well tanned hotties serving me drinks while I read/nap on the beach)? Or perhaps a blend?

So what do you think, dear readers? If you were vacationing over reading week, what type of vacation would you be taking?

True Lies


Okay, remember how I said a few weeks ago that the semester had come to a close? Well, I think I specifically wrote that classes had ended.

Regardless of what I wrote, I lied.


True story. Of course, having just admitted I had lied, you might be wondering how you can trust the statement true story. Excellent point. Let’s just look past this little conundrum.

Anyway – the semester is almost over. What’s left? Grading. Sweet, sweet grading.

Today, thankfully, I took a huge bite out of my grading. Specifically, I managed to finish grading the exams for my undergraduate class. While I can’t talk about the grades (of course) I had to laugh at some of what the students wrote.

Let me be clear – I’m talking about the notes that the students wrote to me – not in response to the questions on the exam, but in response to the course itself.

Again – I can’t actually tell you what they wrote, but I can say they made me laugh and they made me smile. And that is one of the best rewards I get from teaching – connecting to students and knowing that they fully enjoyed the time we spent together – that they got something, anything from the course.

What a great way to almost end the semester.