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Video Evidence


For those who read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I completed item #279 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list1. You’ll also recall that I had mentioned that I was in the process of processing video evidence of my adventure.

Well dear readers, I’ve just finished processing said video.

And so without further ado, I give to you the video evidence of my CN Tower Edge Walk adventure that I have painstakingly uploaded to YouTube through the super tiny pipes of the interwebs. You are welcome.

The video should give you a general idea of our 30 minute 356 metre high Edge Walk adventure, which includes such fantastic feats as dangling our butts off of-, and falling face first over- the edge. Sadly, despite the awesome video, it really doesn’t do justice to the full experience.

For those who may be curious, I’ve also posted this post on my other blog (click here) because I wondered how long it might take for me to hit the ground if, by some extremely miniscule chance I slipped over the edge and both tethers happened to break at the exact same time. Because curiosity is far more intriguing when it’s morbid.

That’s a rule, you should write it down.

1 Item #279 being the CN Tower Edge Walk.

Pssst – There Is No Cake

Probably the most epic swan dive in the history of swan dives.

Remember the videos of crazy adventure seeking adventurers that I mentioned here and here? You know, the videos by Seb Montaz?

Well, believe me when I write that at some point in the not so distant past I had talked about these movies. Moreover, I had talked about downloading and watching Seb’s documentary I Believe I Can Fly: Flight of the Frenchies. After watching the film – which was amazing – and having been so impressed and exhilarated by his work, I immediately downloaded Seb’s other documentary called One Step Beyond: The True Story of Géraldine Fasnacht. If I thought the first documentary was amazing, the second was even better.

What led me to this decision?

Simple – the second film was better because it had more heart. That’s not to say that the first didn’t have heart – because it absolutely did. But One Step Beyond presented a far more intimate and personal story than I Believe I Can Fly. A story that immediately grabbed me and drew me in. The story was powerful and tragic, beautiful and uplifting, and overwhelmingly life-affirming.

You really can’t ask for much more than that for only $6.60.

Anyway, I can’t stress enough that you should watch it if you have the chance. Seriously. Go watch it now. I’ll wait.

Ya. I want to try this.

Of course, you might be wondering why I’m only talking about One Step Beyond now, after having watched the video over a week ago. Well that’s simple – I forget things. The good news, however, is that I sometimes remember the things I’ve forgotten! Amazing, right? As evidence, I offer you this: today I remembered that I had forgotten to write about One Step Beyond because some thing reminded me that I had forgotten it. Confused? Not to worry – it’ll all be clear soon.

Today I remembered the video because I received an email from Seb Montaz notifiying me that he’d released a new short video – a clip from what will likely be a new movie. That naturally led me to remember that I’d forgotten to blog about One Step Beyond. And now you know the answer to the riddle that’s had you on the edge of your seat with bated breath since the beginning of the last paragraph. Feel free to breathe again.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve attached the new clip below. I can honestly say that I want to try what these guys are doing in this video.

I’ve also included a clip of a young girl learning to ski jump. It has nothing to do with Seb’s documentaries, but you have to admire the bravery of this kid. Not so much in what she was doing (although, yes, you have to be brave/crazy to do what she was attempting), but in how she prepares herself for the jump. Amazing.

Note to my Mom: if you’re reading this, know that the first clip shows a man making a cake. Yes, that’s it – he’s making a cake. The adventurous part of the video involves him juggling eggs and using real vanilla instead of the artificial stuff. Clearly, there is no need for you to watch the clip.

Note to everyone else: there is no cake. Unless by cake you mean awesome. In that case, the clip is so full of cake, you’ll hardly be able to stand it.

A Note On Classy Bitches

Who drinks mountain top scotch? Classy bitches, that's who.

On Saturday I wrote that All The Classy Bitches Drink Mountain Top Scotch, and while those words were clearly true, they didn’t tell the entire story. That is, classy bitches do drink mountain top scotch, but they also scree down the mountain after consuming mountain top scotch. Because who wants to hike 2 hours back down a mountain when one can scree down the mountain in 25 minutes? Suckers, that’s who. And we are clearly not suckers. We’re classy bitches. And classy bitches scree. Write that down kiddies.

As luck would have it, both Rick and I had cameras that would record 1080p video of the adventure. So, after much discussion and hours of editing we present for your viewing pleasure the screeing descent from Nihahi Ridge – Classy Bitches style. You are welcome.

But wait. There’s more. On Sunday, Rick and I headed to Rat’s Nest Cave for a little adventure in cave exploring. Since my battery was essentially dead, Rick took the reigns and captured the following little video for you. The video takes place when we were introduced by Russell, our fearless guide, to the Laundry Shoot. The video will give you a bit of an idea of how awesome it was. Or for those of you that might be claustrophobic, how tiny it was. And you should know, this was not the tiniest cave we entered. Rick, Chloe and I conquered the ‘cave challenge’ and it was way smaller than this. Enjoy!

An Interview With An Ass. Prof.

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine dropped by campus to run several errands.  While there, he decided that it would be a great idea to shoot me a text message to see if I was free for a coffee.  As it turned out, I was.  Well, more specifically, I was free for a quick lunch.

Which friend was it? you ask.  None other than the uber nerd Jasper.  Yes, the Jasper, of the world-famous Jasper Vlog.  To bring you up to speed – you know, in the event that you weren’t already aware – Jasper has been working on a project that requires him to post a video blog entry every day for an entire year.  As of today, he’s produced over 80 videos.  My personal favourites are those that he entitles Five Second Friday.  Click here, here, or here for several examples.  They are sure to leave you smiling.  Disclaimer: although they are called Five Second Friday, they will actually require 10 seconds to watch, what with the 5 second introduction and closing screens.  Surely you have 10 seconds to spare.

Anyway, he decided that since he was on campus he would take the opportunity to spend a little bit of time chatting with your’s truly.  The result of that conversation; a two-part vlog entry.  Both part 1 and 2 are provided below for your viewing pleasure and convenience.  You’ll note that in the second video, I begin to discuss some of the things that I’ve already written about on the blog (specifically here).  But because I’m such a nerd, writing about it isn’t enough; I also have to talk about it with my friends (whether they want to listen or not).  Why they still talk to me is anyone’s guess.