Running Is Poo

So picture this…

I’m running my weekly long run, in preparation for September’s half marathon, and October’s full marathon.  Running through the forest behind my house, running along the hanlon, running all over – cuz of course, it’s my long run, and the trails around Guelph are fantastic.  Now picture me as I’m going through the forest, over rocks, streams, watching the rabbits and deer frolic in the field.  Chipmunks and squirrels all over the place.  Beautiful trees, flowers, and the like.  The weather is perfect – not too hot, and far from cool.  I have a nice easy pace going, life couldn’t be better. Now picture Dan trip on a stupid tree root because he’s too busy watching said animals frolic, and almost do a complete face plant into the grass and rocks and trees that he’s been thoroughly enjoying.  My knee no longer likes me. 

Moral of the story – I love running.  Except when I trip. Boo tripping. The end.


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