There’s A Little Bit Of Throw Up In My Mouth (Formerly Entitled ‘Sparkly Things And Face Stabbing’)

Well, another day, another entry.  Or something like that. 

So the summer officially ended for me today, when I arrived at the office and looked at the list of shit that I have to accomplish in the next few months. 

So as not to stab myself in the face, I’ve decided to list this stuff here for a few reasons.  First, it gives me a method of organizing the shit.  Second, it lets everyone know what I’m up to, and that in fact, I am not purposely avoiding anyone.  Except for Manon.  She should be avoided at all costs.  Except when she buys me lunch and sparkly things.

Alright, let us begin.  I have a weekly lab to teach for a fourth year statistics course – way fun.  Also helping out Pal with another third year course (Real Analysis) again.  As he is retired, this could be the last time we get to work together, so again – way fun.  I have about 6 hours of tutoring a week.  I am taking 2 graduate level courses – Genetic Epidemiology and Spatial Statistics.  Each week we will meet and have to present and such.  I have an upcoming conference to prepare for in which Manon will speak for me (another reason why she shouldn’t be avoided all the time).  I have a review for John and Tony due in a week.  I have an hour long seminar/lecture on September 30th.  I am still dealing with several clients, as well as renewing a contract with Health Canada.  I am going to be taking a client sponsored course to become a EMPAQ (?) certified auditor.  I have a major project and examination of said work during another seminar at the end of October.  This is a HUGE hurdle that I have to get over.  I leave for Peru in November, and as such, all the regular stuff that I do in a semester is being condensed from a 12 week plan to an 8 week plan.  I will also be giving a training session some time in November to a group of nurses in Burlington.  I have a huge project with CONNEX due at the end of this month, and an on going one with Almira Investments with various deadlines.  In here somewhere, I need to travel to Ottawa and Montreal to see some friends, but also to pick up supplies for my trip.  Oh, and I have another conference in October to attend in Toronto.  Good times!

There is a huge list of other things, but I think I’m going to stop there before I stress myself out.

If I survive all this, Peru is going to be that much sweeter.


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