T Minus 53 Days

So it’s been about a week since I last wrote here.  Now, the question is – what the hell have I been doing in that time.  Well, aside from sleeping very, VERY little, I’ve managed to book everything for my trip. 

As of right now, it is a mere 53 days away.  53 little days.  As Kevin says, that’s less than 2 February’s!  Sweet.  February’s suck, but at least they are quick.  And considering what is at the end of it, woo hoo!

The date of departure is set as November 12th.  I leave from Toronto and fly to Miami.  From there, I head to Lima.  I stay in Lima for a day or two before heading to Cuzco.  There I rest and acclimate to the altitude.  Woo hoo.  After that (and hopefully copious amounts of special tea), the trek up the mountain begins.  It lasts for 5 days, with the final day ending up at the summit and the ruins of Machu Picchu.  So sweet.

The next week involves a boat ride down the amazon and staying in a jungle hotel.  That should provide some very sweet photo’s of wildlife, if i’m lucky enough to see them.

Speaking of which – I need to get a new camera.  Any suggestions out there?

After the amazon tour, I fly back to Lima for 4 nights in a nice comfy hotel.  From there, I shall peruse the city and it’s wares.  And hopefully not get myself lost – unless it’s in a bottle of the local brew with some randoms that I meet while searching for the perfect ‘artifact’ to bring home as a tour souvenir!

I then leave Lima and fly to Dallas, catch my next flight and end up in Maui later that day.  The villa I am staying in looks phenominal.  It has 180 degrees of windows looking out onto the ocean.  I think I’ve found my home! 

Arlene gets married on the 1st of December, and then I basically hang out with her, her family (can’t wait to see Arls, Deb, Millie and Gene!) and of course her friends.  That’s right, after climbing a mountain, I reward myself with a glorious week long vacation on the beaches of Hawaii. 

I return to the real world via Chicago on December 6th.  Well, due to jet lag I will actually not return to the ‘real world’ until the 7th.

Anywho, must go as Steph and I are off to meet Gerarda.


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