Things I’ve Learned This Week…a.k.a. I Hate Working And This Seems Like A Much Better Way To Spend My Time

Let’s begin with the statement that it is now t minus 28 days until I board a plane for Peru.  I know you are all counting down the days with me, so I figured I’d make sure all of our ‘Dan Vacation Clocks’ are in synch.  Now that we have that little chore taken care of, let’s see what I’ve learned this week…

First, I have learned that there are trees on the escarpment that are over 1000 years old.  That’s freaking unbelievable! 

Second, I have learned how to calculate the square root of a number by hand – and not the typical ‘play with the numbers’ crap that I used to do – but the formal method.  I guess I have also just reinforced something I’ve known for a while – I am such a NERD.

Third, I have learned, whilst having a conversation with my new friend Matt (aka Matty Thriller – don’t ask, unless Steph is nearby to explain), that I find it weird – even at the ripe old age of 30 – to label myself an adult.  Bizarre. 

Fourth, I have learned that not all statistics conferences are exciting and fun (who knew!?!)

Fifth, I have learned that there are many things that I’ve done in my past that I have completely forgotten about.  And no – it’s nothing illegal or dirty – I remember all of that!  Regardless, how do I know that I have forgotten all these little things? – Lara just recently unearthed a box of ‘memories’ that was located in her Mom’s basement.  Within was a treasure trove of memento’s from years gone by.  And we are talking shit from highschool!  One bizarre little note that I apparently wrote to her equating some mathematics contest to the bowels of hell.  Interesting.

Sixth, I have learned that I need to sleep more.

Seventh, I have learned that Rob has this very mischievous look on his face when he eats cheese croissants.  Seriously.

There – something for every day of the week.  Although I must warn you; the order in which I have learned these things and the quantity per day in which I have learned them do not necessarily coincide with the actual temporal progression of the week, nor the ‘something for every day’ caveat of the aforementioned statement.

Yes – definitely need more sleep.


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