My Bed Is Feeling Lonely…

Today marks t minus 10 days until Peru.  How freaking crazy is that?  I’m so excited.  But, instead of preparing like a smart man, i’m writing in this silly little blog.  I should also be working, but the thought of that brings a little vomit to my mouth.  Seriously though, I have had 9, count em, 9 hours of sleep since Saturday, or Sunday.  What the hell day is it now.  This is way too hard to figure out.  I do love the stupid feeling that sleep deprivation brings on.  But I really can’t afford it at the moment.  For reasons that I won’t bore you with, I must stay up again all night.  I’m hoping to catch 2 hours of sleep before I head off to a meeting at 930.  So that will give me 11 hours in 4 days.  I’m sure that is way less than anywhere near healthy, but at least I can sleep tomorrow night.  How messed is it that I’m excited about sleeping tomorrow night?  A sane person would be sleeping tonight.  Oy vey.

10 more days.  10 more days.  10 more days.


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