All Work And No Play Make Dan A Dull Boy

This will be quick. It’s 5 days until I leave. I can’t wait. I still have a slew of things to do before I go, but the list is getting shorter and I will have everything done that I need to do before I go. That means, when I get back, I can start my pile of shit anew! SWEET. But I’m not really going to think much about the return as of yet. Well, maybe just think about the Christmas parties and such that I will be able to attend. What a perfect way to start the holidays!

Anywho, I ended up, as my last entry was mentioning, with 14 hours of sleep in over 4.5 days. I calculated – as I’m want to do – 14 hours out of 110 were spent sleeping. That’s so far from healthy, I can’t even begin to describe it. The effects were fantastic (retrospectively speaking). I did manage to walk some strange worlds in that state. My equilibrium was off, I could stare for a ridiculous amount of time, I drank way too much coffee. Entertaining to say the least. Hopefully it won’t be that bad this week – but likely it will be.

Alright, I am going to bed at a good hour (for me) tonight. At 12:35 in the AM – this is EARLY! SWEET. But tomorrow I probably won’t be so lucky, as the panic to complete all my work will likely return tomorrow when I realize how little I actually got done today (even though I started working at 8 and am going to read for a bit before I actually turn in!).


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