Winter Sucks

Well, I’m back. And I have to say that winter really is my least favourite season.  Picture this, and you might understand why.  Only a few days ago, I would awake to Wendy chatting with me about what we should do for the day.  I’d look to the foot of the bed and see out the window a spectacular view of the ocean, and across the way, sometimes clouded in a bit of mist, was the island of Molokai (sp?).  The birds would be chirping.  You could hear the sound of the waves breaking on the shore below.  And of course, you could smell the salt in the air as the wind blew through the window that had been left open all night long.  Now, I wake up under a mountain of blankets to a window view that consists of dormant trees and snow.  Oh, and maybe just a touch of frost on the inside of the window because it’s so freaking cold. 

Oh well, at least I have a tan to keep me warm

I’ll write again soon to detail all my exploits while away for the past month.  But first, a bit of work to do.


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