Hawai’i Day 26

Day 26 – When we arrived in Chicago, the
temperature was -13C.  Good God!  Hawai’i was
about 28 when we left.  That’s way too much of a
change.  My body is not amused, but I refuse to
put on winter clothing until I walk in my front door. 
My layover in Chicago is only a few hours, so I sit
and chat with Wendy until it’s time to say goodbye. 
I board the plane, freezing as I walk down the
walkway, and thinking that I really should have
stayed in Hawai’i.  The last leg of my trip home to
Toronto is quick and painless.  I nap slightly, but
really just sit and think about the trip.  I can’t even
begin to describe how amazing it was.  After
landing and dealing with customs, pineapple
inspection and baggage claim, I walk out to find
Aidan waiting there with a very large smirk on his
face.  I have a ton of crap with me (big knapsack,
sleeping bag, small knapsack, bag of pineapples,
etc), but feel great.  It’s great to see him, not so
great to be home.  I don’t like the winter.  I like it
even less after being away for so long.  The rest of
the day involved going to guelph to clean and
change, visiting the rents, visiting shannon and
madison, returning to guelph, napping, chatting
with lara about the trip ever so briefly, then seeing
Harry Potter again with Aidan. 
It truly was an adventure of a lifetime.  I enjoyed
every moment of it, and wouldn’t change a thing. 
Thanks to everyone who helped get me there! 
As for the camera – it’s still M.I.A.  Oh well, such is
As for my next big trip?  Well, I’m hoping to go
back to Hawai’i for a conference in January – still
waiting on funding approval for that.  Lara and I
and some other friends are going to travel at the
end of February to some warm local for her 30th
birthday festivities.  And then I think at the end of
the summer or sometime in the fall I’m going to try
and head to Europe to visit Massimo and Ann and
see more of the world.  After that – 2007 hopefully
will have me exploring the Philipines with Jhona, as
well as Thailand and other countries in that
neighbourhood of the world. 
I seriously can’t wait to travel again!

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