Peru Day 14 through 16

Day 14, 15 and 16 – Today is chore day.  I start by
getting my laundry done.  It’s 3 solas per kilo. 
Sweet.  So cheap.  After that I find an optometrist
to get my glasses repaired.  They were damaged
on day one of the hike – so badly that they were
useless to me.  I manage a conversation with the
optometrist using my lovely broken spanish. 
Thankfully it was good enough to get my glasses
fixed and better then ever.  Sweet.  While waiting
to get the glasses fixed and my laundry – i venture
down to another area of town whose name eludes
me.  Anywho, it’s a nice yuppy like area with lots to
see and do.  Good people watching.  I wander
around taking in the sites and then to avoid the
midday heat, go and see Harry Potter with
 FUN.  The movie was quite good.  I will see it
again when I return to Canada so as to get the full
visual effect.  Even though the subtitles were
spanish, I had a tendency to want to read them. 
After the movie I get my glasses, and am so excited
by the fact that I can see, somehow end up in the
middle of the street with cars whipping behind and
infront of me.  I quickly see my life flash before my
eyes.  Obviously, the Peruvians avoided me,
although I’m sure there were some onlookers who
thought I was roadkill.  After, I ventured around. 
Day 14 and 15 are a bit of a blur, since they
involved much of the same activity.  Anywho,
needless to say I went to the beach and watched
the surfers for a while.  Also got some photo’s of
the parasailers.  Checked out some of the buildings,
wandered through some stores, ate some good and
no so good food, and spent the evenings in the
main square.  Lots of people to watch.  Very fun.  I
also spent some time Christmas shopping, and
buying some hawai’i shorts.  Specifically, buying
billabong shorts, an Aussie Doo hat, and new
t-shirts.  So much cheaper in Peru.  Part of the day
I check out who is online and answer some of my
non work related, non school related emails.

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