Quick Summary Of The Vacation

Animals/Bugs/Birds and such that I saw (in no particular order)

tarantulas (regular and pink toed)
other spiders (boo)
jungle rat
spider monkey
howler monkey
carpenter ants
bullet ants
fire ants
humming birds
some excessively large hornets
caymen (aligators)
bees that don’t sting
bees that do sting
miscellaneous tropical fish (aka sharkbait)
really big toads
really big snails

Sights that blew my mind or at least made me want a second look…

poorly translated menus (see the pictures)
pineapples that were fermenting on the vine (and bubbling!)
tarantula holes in the morning
tarantula holes anytime – especially with tarantula guarding the doorway
fire ants that immediately clean the tree in which they live.
carpenter ants that clear a meter or more radius of all vegetation, in order to cultivate their own crops
spider monkey using dan as a jungle gym
any ruin built above 8000 ft
a family pack of howler monkeys moving through the tree
being a foot from a caymen aligator
being a foot from a tarantula
having a bat fly by my ear in the pitch black of night
religious paintings in the hotel that had mary breastfeeding jesus.  WEIRD.  yes.  CREEPY.  absolutely.

Exotic and not so exotic foods that I ate [and my rating out of 5]…

chicken banana leaf surprise [1 million]
alpaca [4]skewered alpaca heart and potato (didn’t know it was heart til after i ate it) [4.5]
ceviche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice, cilantro and onions) [1 million+1]
deep fried yucca [5]
freshly made corn nuts [4]
sushi in hawai’i [1 million]
pina colada’s with macadamian nut liquer [1 million]
hawai’ian raw tuna dish (forget the name) [5]
luau roast pig [5]
poi (some sort of hawai’ian root) [-3]
macadamia nut tarts [5]
chocolate covered macadamian nuts (so so chocolate) [4]
pisco sour (peruvian alcohol – like tequila – and lime juice + cinnamon) [4]
cuscena (local peruvian beer) [4]
octopus in some sort of goo sauce (I love octopus, but this was revolting, and also made me ill) [-10 billion]
peruvian coffee (I actually didn’t drink a lot of coffee on my trip, but YUM) [6]
hawai’ian coffee [5]
coca tea (tastes like green tea, but made with the leaves of the plant that gives us cocaine!  LOVELY.  Sadly, no buzz) [4]
coca leaves (just chew them – this would be a 2 since the taste was not that great, but I’m adding an extra 2 points for the weird mouth buzz that it provided) [4]
coca candy (not so good) [1]
peruvian chocolate cake [5]
peruvian dessert called the 1000 paper dessert (all gooey and good) [10]
hot wine (all spiced up and warm – YUM) [4]
freshly picked (by me) pineapple [5]
airplane turkey wrap (so gross) [-5]
mahi mahi burger [3.5]
macadamia nuts coated in garlic and onion goo [4.5]
bok choy and ginger soup (tasty and cures all that ails ya) [1 million]
pecan granola bars (not all that exotic, but it was a new flavour of the brand i normally buy) [4]

Flights Toronto to Miami (4ish hours)

Miami to Lima (8 hours)
Lima to Cusco (1 hour)
Cusco to Puerto Maldonado (1 hour)
Puerto Maldonado to Cusco (1 hour)
Cusco to Lima (1 hour)
Lima to Dallas Fort Worth (8 hours)
Dallas Fort Worth to Maui (8 hours)
Maui to Chicago (8 hours)
Chicago to Toronto (2 hours)

Peruvian Adventurers

Me! (Can)
Larissa (Can)
Emma (US)
Nigel & Janice (Can)
Massimo & Ann (Italy & New Zealand)
Paige (New Zealand)
Mariam (Austria)
Alistair & Eithne (Britain)
Yohan & Katrina (Norway)
Lowell (US)
Peter (Can)
Jean-francois (Can)
and our fearless leader, Dimas (Peru)

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