I’m A Hondur-ASS

It’s 12:35 in the AM, a few hours before we (Lara, Dave, Rebecca, Val and I) head to the airport on our way to an adventure in Honduras.  The flight leaves at 6 something in the morning and I’m so excited that I’m travelling yet again.  My mission, if I haven’t already said it here, is to go somewhere every two months this year.  I’m not sure how successful I’ll be, but even if I manage to get away more than once this year I’ll be stoked. 

Anywho, our flight arrives about 5 hours later in Honduras.  Our hotel is in a town/city(?) called La Cieba.  Last I checked, it was 30ish during the day, and 20ish at night.  So sweet.  Especially given the weather that Guelph is supposed to get while we are gone.  I would like to say that this doesn’t affect my trip, but it’s always nice when travelling to some warm and sunny local to know that at home it’s awful and thus the trip is that much more justified.  Ya, I’m a bastard.  But hopefully in a week I’ll be a very tanned bastard 🙂

Last night we celebrated Lara’s 30th birthday.  Tons of fun.  We started at the house for some drinks and snacks, including the required 30th bday champagne, then went for sushi at Samora.  The food there, as always, was amazing.  There were about 14 of us there, and without a doubt were likely the loudest people EVER in the restaurant.  But so much fun.  We returned to the house for cheesecake (well, I had pie given that a slice of cheesecake would likely kill me) more drinks (and more 30th birthday champagne), then headed downtown to go dancing.  We ended up at the ebar for copious martinis (dirty of course) and dancing until the wee hours.  After, being in the state I was, I insisted we go to another bar.  Thankfully, the friends obliged and we ended up in the Albion for further drinks and further dancing.  At some point however, the night had to come to a close and we returned to the house.  A great evening indeed.

Today however, I woke up with one nasty hangover.  Thankfully, it didn’t last too long – an afternoon nap helped that out.  But I still feel really tired and not quite perfect.  But it was so very much worth it.

Anywho, must go finish packing.  Yes, I love packing last minute.  But I still have at least an hour and a half before we need to leave!

Have a great week here.

I know my week is going to be great!


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