Well, this will be a short entry as I want to go to bed.

Today Aidan, Rebecca, Makenzie and I ventured to the Butterfly conservatory here in Guelph.  Very cool.  Check it out if you have the time.  The butterflies are stunning.  And a nice little oasis given the ugly winterish weather we are currently experiencing.  I wish we had a camera with us – especially when this huge white butterfly decided to land on my face.  Fun thing, you aren’t allowed to touch them as it can damage their wings.   So there I am walking around with this massive butterfly on my face and everyone questioning ‘where is your camera?’.  Good times! 

And, I think despite her cold/sickness, Makenzie loved it.  I can’t believe she’s almost 3.  Crazy how time flies

Other than that, nothing major to report.  The next coming days should offer some good stories.  Steph’s mom is coming for a visit tomorrow, Friday is St. Patty’s day, Saturday I think I’m hanging out with Mark and Laura, then who knows for Sunday.  Hopefully I’ll have pics from Honduras to post by then.

Oh yah, and of course the big brothers bowlathon is fast approaching.  That should give me some other things to talk about soon!  And of course, some insane pictures – especially given the costumes we are working on 🙂

Alright, that’s all from me.

PS – Oh, I found my new destination – Panama.  Likely leave April 24th, if I can swing it! 


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