Sin Sin Cosine Sin 3 Point 1 4 1 5 9

Well, it has left us almost as quickly as it came.  Yes, it’s true, Pi day (March 14) is too quick.  It seems as if all the running around prior to the ‘main event’ seems to detract from the beauty and joy of pi day.  The hustle and bustle – shopping for those you know that live and thrive in the world of numbers.  What is the perfect gift?  Didn’t I get them a calculator last year?  Will they use a fuscia tinted pocket protector?  Indeed, sometimes the pressure of living up to the IDEA of pi day somehow cheapens the day itself.  But fear not, pi day is more than just another day.  It is more than just presents for ‘all the good math and stat nerds out there’.  It is a day to truly reflect on one’s numeracy; to fully engage gradients, deviations and greek letters.  It is a day (above all others) to revel in one’s nerdiness.  So, in my humblest way, I offer a toast and cheer to all those out there brave enough to look at the world and shout at the top of their lungs that they are math/stat nerds.  This day is yours.  Seize it!

PS – gifts of chocolate, wine or beer are the customary ‘offering’ on this the holiest of holy mathematical days.


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  1. Laura says:

    Are strawberry rhubarb pies also sufficient for this most mathematical days?

  2. Bob Symons says:

    This site is terrific. As a MATH grad of UW, I would like to thank you for the nerdiness. So take a slice of PI as in pizza and enjoy the evening. If you missed it as so many of might have, you get a second chance to celebrate PI day on July 22 aka 22/7, and another chance on the 314th day of the year, aka November 10 or 11 depending on leap year! Happy chanting.

    1. dangillis says:


      I also celebrate July 22nd, but hadn’t thought of the 314th day of the year. Another day of nerdery! Awesome. Thanks for that.

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