It’s the Dancing Jon Stewart Birthday Baptism Festival

Long time no typy typy.  Anywho, just have a few minutes as I’m about to get ready for Steph’s dance recital tonight.  Heading to Matt’s first for a beer (or seven), then to dinner with Gerarda, Alan and Susan.  FUN.  Of course, then, once properly stuffed with foody goodness and beery goodness (and perhaps cookie goodness), will I procede to the dancingest dancified eve this side of something else very dancy.  Not being up on the dancing lingo, apart from what Steph tries to teach me, I must apologize for my use (or more correctly misuse) of dancing verbage

Tomorrow aims to be fantastic.  It is Jon Stewart day.  For those of you unaware, Jon Stewart is one of my favourite comics – The Daily Show anyone?  He’s performing at Casinorama and I, along with Aqleema, Gerarda, Alan, Matt, Aidan and Lara are off to see him.  FUN.  Aqleema and I saw him at Massey Hall last year and he was fantastic. 

Saturday I’ll be joining Lara, Mike, Dave and who knows who else to celebrate the birth of our friend Janis!  She is by far one of the most amazing people I have EVER met.  Should be a blast.

Sunday will be Meagan’s baptism.  Meagan, for those of you unaware, is my third (of four) niece.

As you can see, this weekend looks to be great.  Especially since it basically starts as soon as I finish this entry!  WOO HOO. 

Where’s my beer?


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