I’m So Not In Europe Anymore

Well, I just finished uploading more photo’s from my trip. Good times. Despite enjoying the comforts of my bed for the past week, I miss Europe. I really miss Germany and of course, Amsterdam. I’m already thinking of my next trip there, where I’m going to go and what I’m going to do. Good times indeed.

Anywho, I’m going to give a very quick synopsis of the trip here – you can ask me about it later if you want to hear the long more detailed account.

After the adventures in Amsterdam and Paris, Manon and I headed to Rheims. Checked out the cathedral and then carried on to Belgium to get chocolate and waffles. Mmmm, waffles. From there, we headed to Germany, stayed in Heidelberg, explored a castle and ate copious amounts of meat and drank as much beer as I could. So good. Our journey next took us past the black forest on our way to Austria. My conference in Austria was fantastic, met some very cool people, ate some great food and some not so great food. The beer was cheap too, so I couldn’t complain – and tasty. After the conference, Manon and I headed through Slovenia to do some cave exploring. Incredible beyond words. After that, we moved on to Venice where we were greeted with an enormous torrential downpour. It was a lot of fun running around San Marcos square in 6 inches of water. We were soaked, but loved it! While in Venice, we checked out a nearby castle after it was closed to the public, and the neighbouring vineyard. The next day we moved on to Verona. Basically shopped, ate, drank and inappropriately groped the statue of Juliette in hopes of being blessed with new lovers. I’m still waiting. Oh well, somehow life goes on. From Verona we headed through Liechtenstein – a country with a population of 32,000! Wild. The town I grew up in had more people than that. Vaduz, the capital, was interesting, but not interesting enough to stick around. We carried on bouncing between Austria and Switzerland on our way back to Germany. Sweet, sweet Germany. We stayed in a town called Friedrichshafen – right next to a lake and in the center of the German wine country. Also an enormous number of apple orchards. Beautiful country and the people were so nice. Met a little boy – I think he was 7ish. Tried to teach us German, but I’m not sure how effective that was. The next morning we explored the town, and I’m convinced I must return. It was too beautiful not to. From there we headed to Freiburg to check out the Black Forest – birthplace of the ham and cake of the same name. The town itself was gorgeous. I will be back there at some point. Hiking the forest was great, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time. I will be back to do that as well. Onward to Belfort France. We stayed in a very interested (equated bad) hotel. I think it was called Hotel Bonzai. Sketchy. Very sketchy. Anywho, the town was nice – built around a historic fort. From there we moved to Dijon, home of the famous mustard, as well as some damned good wines. We managed to do a wine tour on our own. It was great. The places we stopped loaded me up with so many samples that I was drunk by the time we were done. Also managed to pick up a few bottles to bring home – sadly, lost a few during the travel. Long story that I’ll tell anyone about later. Dijon was like a smaller but BETTER version of Paris. Loved it, and can’t wait to return. After our last day of shopping, eating, exploring ruins, churches and drinking, we headed back to Paris to drop off our car, pack everything and prepare for our adventure home. A long painful adventure that I’d rather not think about ever again. Not because of the time change and jet lag – but more for the incompetence of some of the idiots that work at the airports. Can we say ‘false sense of security’ people? Seriously.

Anyhow, the trip was fantastic. Now I’m back to reality and getting adjusted to the time.


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  1. Laura says:

    Heidelberg sweet Heidelberg…. 😉 Copious amounts of beer always available! If you ever want to re-live your German experience I can get you to Heidelberg in about 1/2 hour, surround you with copious amounts of beer, AND German speaking individuals! 🙂


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