Waiting On Simulations…

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve written, and as I’m waiting on my simulations to finish running, I figured I should do some blogging. So what’s happened in the past few months? Not much – mostly work. How boring indeed! I did find out about a number of friends who are taking the plunge and either getting married next year or at least thinking about it in the next few years. Should be fun to go to all of the weddings. Thankfully they should be spaced far enough apart so as not to get wedding’d out. School is about the same – busy as hell. This semester i’m sitting in on 2 classes and joining Matt on a reading course. I’m pretty stoked about the classes. One is an undergrad course that I’m sitting in for the pure fun of it, and also as a refresher – Experimental Design. Cool! And plus, Gerarda is teaching it, so that makes it so much better. She’s one freaking amazing prof. I’m also taking pointers while sitting in the class on what can make me a better teacher! The other class – which I start this week – is a grad course called computational statistics. It should come in handy when I get deeper into my simulations for my study. The reading course with Matt is a stochastic models course. I’m looking forward to getting into that. And plus, it always helps working through a text with someone so you can bounce ideas off each other. Should be fun. But of course, the semester is going to be busy.

John – my advisor – and I are also starting to develop a graduate program (with Jhona too) at the school. The program is intended for those who are currently working either in industry, government or whatever else. Anywho, it’s meant to get people up to speed in statistics and also earn them a graduate diploma. It’s also going to be a lot of work developing it, but will be great once it’s done. I’m hoping it will also involve the development of some sort of course manual or textbook. That would be sweet!

The business has been busy as well. Pretty much each of the clients wanted some new work done in the past month, and at least 3 want more! I’m not sure how that is all going to happen, but I’m having fun playing with that. Hopefully I won’t get too little sleep. And hopefully I’ll make enough coinage to take off over reading week. I’m thinking of going to visit Kevin or Arlene, or also maybe going to Amsterdam again. But, I’m supposed to be heading to Paris in October for Rebecca’s 30th birthday, so maybe i’ll save my Amsterdam trip until then. The only other trip that I’m sure of this year is to Newfoundland for the SSC meetings (Statistical Society of Canada). If all goes well, I’ll find some other adventure to go on. And if not, I’ll save my pennies so that when I finally finish this silly Ph.D. thing I’ll be able to do some crazy world wind adventure. Hopefully another mountain climbing type thing. When I stop and think about my trips, I have to say I miss Peru probably the most. That was the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever done! Europe and Hawaii rank close second and third.

Over the past week and now that everyone has returned to school, I was able to get out and do a few things. Mainly celebrate Matt’s birthday. Last Saturday we celebrated at his friend John’s house. So much fun. Needless to say, a drinking game was played and it led to some sort of deranged ‘high card’ competition. The loser – whoever had the high card – had to eat a canned vienna sausage. Thankfully I didn’t lose. Poor Matt had to eat a few of them. So wrong. We then proceeded to Pablos for a few pitchers – which we really didn’t need. Oh well, fun was had by all. Tuesday night we had dinner at the Bombay Cafe for Matt’s birthday, but it was an early evening. Wednesday however was another crazy night. A large group of us ended up going to the trash – sorry – now called the vinyl – to enjoy retro 80’s night. Given the price of beer, several of us were quite toasted and dancing up a storm all night long. It was great – haven’t been out dancing in a long time – but my body felt it the next day. I essentially took all of thursday off to recover. However, given that I worked every day over the holidays – I didn’t feel bad doing that. Well, I felt a little guilty. But I’m over it now.

Friday night I was in Toronto to celebrate Aqleema’s 30th birthday. We started at a swanky restaurant and then headed to Club V. Interesting night to say the least. Both Susi and I were exhausted on the way back, and given the crappy weather, the drive was painful.

Today I’ve basically been working, cleaning, cooking and now blogging. Lara, Rebecca and I also decided to play a couple of games of cribbage. I can honestly say that I suck at that game, but I love it. Rebecca one both games.

All and all – a good week. But now I have to get back into hard core work mode again! Good times.

Anywho, my simulations are only about 1/4 finished but I don’t really have anything else to write about.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I know I did!

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