Yoga – A Contact Sport Between My Face And The Floor

Last Friday I ventured off to the Big Island of Hawaii.  The intention: hike, swim, tan, hike some more, see some lava fields, climb a mountain or two, play on cliffs, and get as many awesome photos as possible.  While all of those things have occurred to varying degrees, this particular post relates to my most recent adventure.  And the outcome of said adventure.  The rest of the vacation will be documented in later posts.

After a helicopter tour of the Big Island (which included flying over lava fields, Mauna Kea volcano crater, and several water falls), Rick and I decided to quickly stop into the Mauna Lao macadamia nut farm.  We filled ourselves full of free samples, purchased a few items, and then headed to our rental home.  Rick was checking email in one room, and I decided to do some yoga.  During my practice, I wanted to continue my attempts at a handstand.  While I can comfortably do a head stand, I have made it my mission this year to be able to do a proper handstand.  Anyway, I had seen a guy on the beach earlier in the day doing a version of the handstand, and after watching him for a bit I realized that by curving my back a bit, and letting my legs remain bent, I might be able to hold the position for longer.  Normally my balance does not permit such a thing.  So, charged with a renewed sense of awesomeness and an intense desire to finally get the handstand, I started practicing.  I had a few stumbles, but nothing severe.  And I found that by using what I had learned from the guy on the beach, I was able to, if only for a few seconds, maintain some semblance of balance.

Of course, being the awesome man I am, I slipped and landed on my shoulder.  No major damage, no blood, no problem.  Undeterred, I went right back to work.  A few more successful lifts and I was feeling very good.  And then it happened.  While getting into position (that is, I wasn’t actually even doing a handstand, I was just setting up to do a handstand) I slipped.  Large.  It was at that point when the universe decided that my face needed to be introduced to the floor with a rather large sense of gusto.  Rick, being in the other room, came running out wondering what I had done.  The noise of a face hitting a floor is rather loud apparently.  Feeling rather silly, I wanted to get back up and pretend that nothing was wrong.  But that is when I saw the blood.  More than what I would like to see.  I assumed it was my nose, as that is where the sting was mainly felt.  But when I looked at Rick I realized by his expression that this was not the case.  I had, in my extreme awesomeness, lacerated my forehead, just above my left eye.

Anyway, when I looked in the mirror, I realized that we had just witnessed the birth of my Harry Potter scar (see below).

Amazingly, it stopped bleeding relatively quickly.  I’m not sure if this was due to the pressure I applied, of if it was just not that bad.

My first thought was – I’m in the States and will not be able to afford their health coverage.  Given this, I suggested to Rick that we simply go buy some crazy glue.  He vetoed this rather quickly and took me to the hospital in nearby Hilo.  After discussing the cost with the attendant, I decided to see the doctor and get the stitches or glue, based on his assessment.

Being the dork that I am, I found the entire event very fascinating.  Rick was uber cool during the entire situation.  I owe him huge; for insisting that I go to the doctor, for getting me to the doctor, and for documenting the entire procedure.  I also owe him for being so calm while I was bleeding.  To say that he is awesome is clearly a gross understatement.

As for the procedure – it has been documented.  I shall upload those photos as soon as I can get them off of Rick’s computer.  There are also videos that will be posted, but some might be too graphic, so they will include warnings for the squeamish.  One such video shows the muscles of my forehead contracting as I move my eyebrow – via the laceration.  Uber cool if one is into such things.  Which I am.

UPDATE – Photos have been uploaded.  Videos still to come.

Finally, I have to write a big Thank You to RN Sara, and Dr. Coker.  They were professional, personable, and efficient.  And they put up with the craziness that was Rick and me.

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  1. N. Snow says:

    Rick, I don’t know you, but great documentation of the event.
    I look forward to the video.

  2. I am so glad that it’s nothing serious – I saw the photos and was a wee bit worried. I had a similar moment in the US re. will health care bankrupt me (in Vegas — though we did have coverage through Dave’s work) and was pleasantly surprised at the treatment/cost of a nearby urgent care (aka walk-in).

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