Want To See Something Gross?

You may recall that I recently damaged my beautiful, beautiful face when I inadvertently, accidentally, and without the assistance of booze or drugs, fell on it. It was, by all accounts, an introduction between face and floor that was a long time coming. As promised in a previous post, I am uploading several videos of the cleaning, examination, and stitching of my face. Be warned that these are not for the squeamish, or those easily nauseated. You have been duly warned.


Video 1: I Shall Call You Stitch-Face: The Cleaning (starring RN Sara).

The cleaning was the weirdest feeling ever. Imagine having cold water shot into your forehead. Under the skin. What I felt was weirder than that.

Video 2: I Shall Call You Stitch-Face: The Exam (starring Dr. Coker).

This is probably the most disgusting of the videos. As such, it is my favourite one.

Video 3: I Shall Call You Stitch-Face: The Stitchening (starring Dr. Coker).

Note how the doctor describes the shape of the forthcoming scar. Sounds like a lightning bolt to me!


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  1. Beth says:

    I’ve already told you this, but I feel the need to declare it to the Internets: you are so nonchalant during this whole thing. Also, twitchy muscle = the awesome! And also also, Dr. Coker is kind of a hottie.

  2. dangillis says:

    Getting stitches was fun. And given that I felt no pain during any stage of this process (even after the face met the floor – I felt nothing*), it really made things easy. Additionally, my first thought whenever I do stupid things like this is “I can’t wait to tell people this”. I’m awesome like that. LOL.

    * Science suggests that Leos don’t feel feelings (based on a non-random sample, n=2).

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