Mmmm, Hot Koko

Our Hawaiian adventure continues. Monday Rick and I travelled to Hanauma Bay to go snorkelling. Hanauma Bay is an ecological preserve. I can understand why. The coral and fish that live in these waters are incredible. Fishing is prohibited at all times. Sea turtles, an endangered species, are often found in the bay. Rick spotted one, but I wasn’t lucky enough to see it.

To say the views were amazing is an understatement, and swimming alongside tropical fish of all sorts was breathtaking.

Swimming with the fishes.
Rick and me, snorkelling. Clearly we are the coolest snorklers ever to have snorkled.

Tasty fish

Pre-processed fish sticks.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy.

Rainbow fish

Today (Wednesday) we decided to make up for yesterday’s laziness by hiking Koko crater – located directly across the street from Hanauma Bay.  At 1207 feet, it is the highest crater in Oahu. The hiking path follows an old rail line. It is steep and completely exposed. By the time we hit the top of it, we were soaked but very happy. Of course, being that we are nerdy and such, we timed ourselves. Time to climb: 25:42, including breaks for photos. That’s 1207 feet of steep climbing in under 30 minutes. Because we are AWESOME. But it was worth it. Our descent was a bit quicker obviously – 15 minutes or so. To put the climb into perspective, the CN Tower climb covers 1122 feet (which I managed in 19:06 the first and only time I did it).

Me, just before we started our hike. Normally I'm not a shirt-off kind of guy in public. Pants off, yes. Shirt off, no. But it was so hot.
The hike up. Outside we are all smiles. And sweat. Inside, we are screaming for the Pina Colada fairy to come and save us.

The views at the top of the Koko crater were unbelievable. We could see Molokai across the ocean, Hanauma Bay, and most of Honolulu below. Amazing.  Of course, we were compelled to do some yoga poses, jump shots, corpse poses, and other ripe-for-photographing activities while at the top.  Cuz we’re cool like that.  Clearly.  One of the panoramic pictures that Rick took is now the header for this blog.  Well done Rick.  Well done indeed.

Rick's jump shot at the top of the crater. AWESOME doesn't even begin to describe this jump.


Laughing at the top of the crater. Without shirts. Because it was really freaking hot. Clearly.
Looking out over the crater, clearly in deep thought.  My major revelation: I am so freaking white.
I decided to celebrate with some yoga.  And catch some rays.  Two birds with one stone; that’s what I’m all about.

If you come to Oahu, I highly recommend both of these activities.


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