I’m Glad I Don’t Have To Sleep In The Wet Spot

Let me begin by explaining that I always have my phone on while I’m in class, but the ringer is always off.  The reason: most classes are lacking a functional clock for some undetermined reason.  Anyway, I use the clock on the phone to keep an appropriate pace while lecturing, and to know when class is over1. Regardless, should someone call and the phone vibrate, I simply continue lecturing while I click the appropriate button to send the call immediately to message.

Some might find my use of a phone in class a bit of a shock, considering I make such a big deal on the first day of lectures that all phones are to be off. They are distracting at the best of time.  They are disruptive all other times.  Plus, I really don’t know what could possibly be so important that one would need to get a text or call during class.  Seriously.

Regardless, today was no exception as I had my phone next to me while lecturing. Anyway, around 3:30 (close to the end of my class) I received a most interesting text. Now, as I wrote above, I don’t respond in any way to my phone except to send a call to message. In this case, the text caught the corner of my eye. It was just a glance, but enough to get a general idea of what the text was about. And it was both hilarious and unbelievable. Of course, I continued lecturing for the remaining few minutes, knowing that I could and would check the message once class was over.

This is what I found:

Best. Text. Ever.

My cleaning lady2, who is completely full of awesome, was moving a box in my guest room that my friend is currently occupying.  Said box contained a bong, which was full of bong water.  The movement was enough to send the bong flying and bong water spilling all over the bed.

To be perfectly honest, I thought this was hilarious.  She on the other hand was mortified and thought I’d be terribly upset over the idea that my guest bed might be sullied with bong related nastiness.  Or that I’d be most unhappy because the duvets and duvet covers might be ruined.  She probably assumed I was this anal because I do like to keep my house very tidy.  But, that isn’t the case.  In my mind, it’s all material stuff that means nothing and can easily be replaced.  Plus, I have my own non-bong-sullied bed in which to sleep.

When I arrived home, I found the following posted on my fridge:

Best. Fridge. Post. Ever.

Hilarious.  I have the best cleaning lady ever.  And the cleanest house ever.  AND, my bed isn’t full of bong nastiness.  Sleep well Jebus.  Sleep well indeed.  🙂

1 I could, if allowed, talk about math and stats ad nauseam. Given that I loathed when profs would go over time, I don’t want to be one of those profs.

2 Yes, I have a cleaning lady. She is full of awesome. If you are in the Guelph area and are looking for a cleaning lady, let me know and I will pass her contact info on to you.

NOTE: My friend, whose bong was the inspiration for this post, wanted me to assure you that there is, in fact, no wet spot that he would have to sleep in.


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  1. Rick says:

    Too funny! She definitely sounds like a cleaning lady full of awesomeness :).

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