100% Pure Grade-A Awesome Wins Again

For those of you that haven’t done so yet, I recommend perusing Rick’s blog of awesomeness.  You can find it here.   Now let me warn you; Rick’s blog will leave you smiling from ear to ear like some sort of silly-crazy-happy person.  Why?  The answer is quite simple and glaringly obvious; Rick is made of 100% Pure Grade-A Awesome1.


Rick, in all his 100% Pure Grade-A Awesomeness.

Anyway, the reason I write about Rick is because of a challenge that he faced at work recently. And, Rick being Rick, he approached this challenge with an arsenal of awesome. But before we get to the challenge, a bit of background. Rick works as a research associate at the University of Calgary. Specifically, he’s a statistical analyst working with kidney and chronic disease data. That’s right folks, he’s a huge number nerd. HUGE (which is probably why we get along)2. Anyway, you might imagine that his office and colleagues might be a bit stuffy, what with their desire to study data related to kidneys and such. But you’d be wrong. So very wrong. This is evidenced by the work challenge, of which I wrote at the beginning of this paragraph (remember way back when).

So what of this work challenge? Turns out that a number of his colleagues also travelled to Hawaii recently for vacation. Knowing this, his boss Brenda (whom, I’ve been informed, is total awesomeness) issued the following challenge via proclamation: In 3 slides or less, present to the team the best Hawaiian vacation as experienced by the individual who did the travelling3. The prize: bragging rights. And bragging rights are paramount to survival in any office setting. They can be used ad nauseam to lord over those that did not win. I imagine the following scenario:

  • Rick’s Colleague: Rick, could you do X by Y for Z?
  • Rick: No. I had the best Hawaiian adventure and as such own the title of Best. Vacation. Ever, so doing X by Y for Z is beneath me. Be off with you. I’m done with this.

Of course, “Be off with you.  I’m done with this” would naturally be commanded while gesturing wildly.

Back to reality: yesterday Rick and his fellow Hawaiian adventurers presented their respective vacations.  To say that I expected Rick to win is an understatement.  I mean, I lived that vacation, and it was EPIC.  And his presentation was clearly on a level that I imagine would have outshone every other person that was presenting.  Insiders have indicated that his was the only presentation that included both moving photos AND music.  His presentation is below:

I do not however have access to the competitors presentations, so I can’t actually show you what they did or didn’t do.

Regardless, in the spirit of everyone-is-a-winner and team-spiritedness, all contestants won.  And I guess since they all got to go to Hawaii, this is true.  But unnamed sources have informed me that Rick kicked ass with his presentation.  In fact, the sources would go so far as to say that Rick should have won.  Of this I have no doubt.

So, despite having not been named the one-and-only winner of the competition, I would like to award Rick the title of BEST. VACATION. EVER. Since Rick is in Calgary, I gladly accept this title on his behalf.  I promise to carry it with me at all times, and to inform all others of said title at every possible chance.  Because I’m an ass.

1 All of my friends are, really.  Awesome attracts awesome.  True story.

2 We are everywhere.

3 Technically, the challenge was to sell the island where you vacationed, but it was interpreted by 2/3 of the contestants as demonstrate why your vacation was the best vacation ever. I think it was interpreted correctly by those 2/3.


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