Mathy Valen-time’s Day!

Alternate title for this entry: “I Heart Function You Too” (G. Darlington, 2011)

Happy Valentine’s Day dear readers.

For those of you that celebrate this day, I hope you get to celebrate with someone you love – be that a spouse, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, golf club, barcalounger, rocket powered massager, hand-held calculator, or your very own self.

I am not one who tends to celebrate this day, unless celebrating includes someone buying me chocolate1, or pouring me a glass of wine. I will, from time to time, send out inappropriate Valentine’s Day cards2. In fact, any card I tend to send is typically inappropriate3. For example, I may have sent this to a friend during a Valentine’s Day past:

I sent this to a friend a few years ago. Amazingly, he still talks to me. HA!

I have also been known to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the mathy-est way possible.  How does one do that?  By plotting a Cardioid4, or a parametric heart5 of course.  Yes, I am that nerdy.

A Cardioid; drawn using polar coordinates.

These plots clearly indicate that Math is the language of love, despite whatever rumours you may have heard to the contrary.

A heart drawn using a parametric equation. Math, truly the language of love.

Anyway, the reason I decided to blog about Valentine’s Day, apart from the obvious fact that it is Valentine’s Day, is that I received an awesome card from Steph when I got home on Friday.  The card did three things at once, as detailed in this shiny list-o-love:

  1. It made me smile; something I very much-needed after a really long and painful week,
  2. It reminded me that I really do have the best friends ever. I love you too Steph! You’re pretty dino-rrific as well, and
  3. It reminded me that Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, thus prompting this post.

Hence, you can thank Steph for this walk-on-the-beach-hand-holding-make-love-all-day-to-math style of post.

I am Dino-rrific!

I close with this dork-tacular tweet.  Mathy Valen-time’s Day all y’all. Mathy Valen-time’s Day long time.


So dorky, and yet so full of awesome.

1 Dark chocolate of course. All other chocolates pale in comparison.  Ha!  Get it.  Pale in comparison.  PALE.  Because dark chocolate is dark!  Hilarious. I kill me.

2 Via email of course. I’m far too lazy to actually go to Hallmark to buy a card6. Note: I do not buy cards from Hallmark, as they are far too appropriate.

3 Some friends have caught on to said inappropriateness. Take for example this card that Rick sent me for Christmas. So full of inappropriateness, how can you not love it?

Best. Christmas. Card. Ever.

4 The Cardioid can be drawn using the following equation (in Polar coordinates of course).


Polar equation for the Cardioid shown. So simple, and yet so pretty.

5 The parametric heart can be drawn using the following equation (where t=-1..1).

Parametric equation for the heart shown above. The heart has been scaled up by a factor of 3.

6 I will, however, pick up inappropriate cards from On The Verge located downtown Guelph, whenever I drop in. Inappropriateness such as what can be found here.

In other unrelated news, there is only 1 month remaining until Pi Day (March 14, 2011). I know, I’m excited too!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    Card 1(Valentine’s day dinosaur) : What do you get when you give T-rex firecrackers? DINO-MITE!!!

    Card 2 (Christmas snowman): Where does the snowman keep his money?? In the SNOW BANK!

    Happy 1-month until Pi-Day Gillis!

    1. dangillis says:

      I’m so excited about Pi-Day, I can barely sleep!

  2. Rick says:

    I can honestly say that Valentine’s Day has never seemed so cool. The mention of ‘cardioid’ gives me a nerd-on. (Okay, in truth, the sight of these equations scares me…). By the way, I love the fact that you’ve tagged this post with ‘Polar Coordinates’. I expect to read other blog posts with such a tag in the future.

    1. dangillis says:

      You have to know that I accept your ‘Polar Coordinates’ challenge. I accept it long time.

      Truth be told, the post I’m working on now is going to refer to polar coordinates. w00t! Math rocks my world so much.

  3. Rick says:

    I can hardly contain my anticipation. Polar coordinates. I live for such things.

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