Your One Stop Shop For Y-Shaped Scars, Stupid Burning, And Sad Babies

As stated in my previous post, I am relatively new to this world-o-wonder that is WordPress blogging. Thankfully, the learning curve has been easy to traverse, so I’m feeling very comfortable with all that it has to offer. And I continue to learn, which is keeping it all very entertaining and exciting for me.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that when I learned that WordPress summarized various aspects of my blog using statistics, I developed a bit of a nerd-on.  That is to write, the Stats section of WordPress drew me in like a proverbial moth to flame. I find myself compelled to check how many views my posts have, and how they compare to each other.  I can’t help myself, I just love numbers that much.

WordPress also presents some of the data it collects graphically, as the visual representation is typically easier to swallow than a list of numbers.  The graph below is automatically generated by WordPress.  It summarizes the number of page views I’ve had per day since I set up Consumed By Wanderlust.  My busiest day was Thursday, February 3, 2011.  On that day I posted I’m Glad I Don’t Have To Sleep In The Wet Spot and This Is What Awesome People Do.  I’m guessing the title of the first post might have had something to do with the spike in page views, but I really can’t be certain.

Views of my blog, by day. Potential temporal patterns?

Being the nerd that I am, I will at some point, analyze the data that WordPress collects to see if there are any underlying patterns. Perhaps certain topics will pop out as being those that draw in the readers. Or maybe there will be some sort of temporal component to it all. Obviously, whatever information I find will be posted, if and when I uncover a pattern. Clearly this is the type of information that you the reader would want to know, right? Riiiiiight.

Anyway, WordPress also provides a list of search terms/phrases that readers would have googled, and on googling said term/phrase, were led to my blog. I find these all very fascinating, and present them to you (including the number of times each term/phrase was searched).  Note: by fascinating, I clearly mean hilarious (for example, pay attention to the highlighted items in the list below).

  • consumedbywanderlust 13
  • if you love me you’ll sleep in the wet spot 2
  • tour pineapple plantation in big island 1
  • “worst blog title ever” 1
  • flights from oahu to the big island 1
  • lamentably, no. my gastronomic rapacity knows no satiety. 1
  • lacerated nose 1
  • big island, hi flea market 1
  • lamentably no 1
  • forehead scar y-shape 1
  • my gastronomic rapacity knows no satiety. 1
  • picture of fat lady drinking wine 1
  • homer simpson my gastronomic rapacity knows 1
  • can overweight people climb diamond head 1
  • awesome wins 1
  • the stupid burns 1
  • 1
  • stupid it burns 1
  • the man who can run 500 km 1
  • 1
  • no stupidity 1
  • sad babies 1
  • somewhere out there hawaii 1

I love, love, love that 2 someones were led to Consumed By Wanderlust by searching if you love me you’ll sleep in the wet spot. I also love, love, love that someone found their way to this blog by searching about a y-shaped scar, stupid burning, and sad babies.  Also, why is someone searching for a picture of a fat lady drinking wine, and why on earth did that lead them to Consumed By Wanderlust?  Hilarious.

I can’t wait to see what other terms/phrases will lead people here.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick says:

    That’s the most fascinating one to me: picture of fat lady drinking wine! Very interesting… 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Most people come to my blog while searching for various hockey players (the search term being either the hockey player’s name or the hockey player’s name plus the word “shirtless.”) But I think the best search term from the list of the top all time search terms that people are looking for when they come to my blog is: “whore boots.”

    1. dangillis says:

      “Whore boots” definitely wins the prize.

      1. Beth says:

        This is true both in terms of “prize for best search term,” but also in life. Whore boots win the prize.

  3. Beth says:

    And now I just noticed that 46 people have come to my blog searching for information about a particular scientist. The blog posting I wrote about said scientist is, however, entirely about about how hot he is. True story.

      1. Beth says:

        I’m super duper curious if any of those 46 blog searches were conducted by the scientist himself. Because that would be awesomely, yet embarrassingly, awesome.

        1. Beth says:

          Also, in case I’ve piqued your curiosity, here’s the posting:

          He’s just so hot!

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