Follow Up: Dissertation Haiku

Haikus are easy, But sometimes they don't make sense. Refrigerator.

This morning I awoke to the following email in my inbox:

Nice work! I posted the first one at I’ll post the second one in a few days if that’s cool. I like them both a lot.

Dissertation Haiku is now on Twitter, by the way: @Diss_Haiku. Thanks for the props at your blog.


For those of you who have forgotten the epic haiku that I wrote to summarize my Ph.D. dissertation (and first released to the world here),  I reprint it now for your consideration:

Spatial Poisson Mixtures Are
My Bitch Forever

I’ve decided that this counts as a peer-reviewed publication, and thus my CV needs to be updated immediately. w00t!

Oh, and by the way – the second haiku that Drew mentioned in his email refers to a second epic entry that I had submitted for consideration on his site. I wrote it because I thought his site might prefer a more family friendly approach to summarizing one’s thesis.  Thankfully that isn’t the case.  Regardless, here is the second haiku that I submitted.  I’ll keep you posted when it is released on his site.

Food or water-borne?
Assign diarrhea source
using statistics.

Wow, two publications in less than 24 hours.  That’s a peer-reviewed publication record that I don’t think I’ll soon surpass.

Best Saturday-Morning-Publication-Notice Ever.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kalev says:

    I love how you think “diarrhea” is more family-friendly

    1. dangillis says:

      LOL. Well, maybe more family-friendly than the other Haiku.

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