List-O-Nerdidays: The Downloadable Calend-Nerd

Image from Natalie Dee

So given the interest1 in the List-o-Nerdidays that I compiled and published on February 20, 2011, I’ve decided that something more needed to be done.

“Wait, what list?”, you ask.  Only the list of holidays for nerds; the list which consists of various non-religious, non politically motived days that have been set aside by the academic and scientific communities to celebrate intelligence, academic achievement, scientific discovery, the search for truth, and most importantly, the nerd inside all of us.

And don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m writing about.  You know the nerd is in there.  Deep down, past the cool facade of fashion, business, sports, and every day life.  Past the ego that frightens you into thinking that you’ll become an instant pariah for knowing \pi, \phi, or e to more than 5 decimal places.   Beyond the belief that your friends will run from you for fear of being identified as having arrived at the party with you; especially after you begin a long-winded and one-sided conversation about stochastic differential equations, quantum physics, stoichiometry, or Bayesian analyses.

The nerd of which I write is the same one that is secretly excited at so much as a mention of mathematics or statistics in a television show or in a movie.  The exact same nerd that then shouts at the television or movie screen when they get it wrong or make something simplistic look like rocket science2.

You don’t do that? That’s just me? Really?

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to inform you, dear readers, that I have created a downloadable version of the List-o-Nerdidays.  You should be able to drop this calendar of nerdery – a Calend-nerd if you will3 – into Apple’s iCal, or upload it to Google Calendar.  I have no idea if this will work with Microsoft Outlook4.

To download this list-o-awesome, click here.

1 It is my second most popular post, ignoring my home page, scoring an average of 8.5 views per day since it was created.

2 I’m looking at you Good Will Hunting.

3 Calend-nerd, first coined by Almost Dr. Sean.

4 If you are a Windows user, could you let me know if this works?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    Man, I could really go for having a nerd inside me right about now. Zing!

    Seriously though, I’m super stoked to have these Nerdidays in my Google Calendar! It’s like Global Orgasm Day has come early. (HA! I said “come early!”).

    I’ll try downloading it into my Outlook calendar next week when I’m at work, where they force me against my will to use Outlook. That will make it especially awesome when I have to submit my Outlook calendar pages with my mileage claim form. I can just see the person in finance: “Yes, Dr. Beth did travel to that meeting on that date. And look, it was Steak and Blow Job Day!”

  2. Michael Griffin says:

    it opens up very nicely in KOrganizer in Ubuntu…. Thank you for that….

    1. dangillis says:

      Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know.

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