An Open Letter To New York. Hint: I Love You

I can’t believe my four-day adventure to New York is over already.  It seems like only four days ago I was boarding a plane.  Um, right.  Anyway, the trip was fantastic.  New York was amazing, and it’s always nice to get away with good friends.  I think I can write with confidence that this won’t be my last trip to the Big Apple, and it definitely won’t be my last trip with Gerarda and Alan, and hopefully Elisabeth too.  We had far too much fun!

I decided on the plane ride home that I needed to write a letter to New York as I’m always slightly depressed when I return from a trip.  I thought a letter might be a good way of getting past the post-vacation-low by getting my thoughts and feelings onto paper (in a manner of speaking).  This is as far as I got.  Really, it sums up my current state perfectly.

Dear New York,

I miss you already.

Love me.

As with my trip to Hawaii, I provide a summary of our various comings and goings whilst adventuring in New York, in list form, of course 🙂  Should you have any questions or want some ideas for your own personal adventure, just let me know.


Enjoying some beverages from the Maple Lounge at the airport.
  • Lunch at the Airport Lounge, plus some Guinness and Port.  Clearly the vacation is starting on the right foot 🙂
  • Check-in to On The Avenue hotel (77th and Broadway).  This hotel is awesome; I’ve stayed here on 3 separate occasions and I have never been disappointed.  It’s located in a vibrant neighbourhood, close to Central Park, and within walking distance to The Dead Poet, Crumbs, and various other locals that we tend to frequent while in the Big Apple.
My schwanky room at On The Avenue
  • Prior to taking in the city, we need caffeine and we need sugar.  Clearly, we require coffee and treats from Crumbs.  We probably spend far too much time in this place.
  • Wander the city, stop for a few pints at The Dead Poet. Join the 100 Pints-o-Guinness challenge.
  • Purchase some brand spanking new running shoes.  This was a much-needed purchase, as I have been putting it off for about 8 months (far too long).
  • Our first dinner in NYC – Italian – linguine and clams for me, with a nice bottle of Chianti.  YUM.
  • We end the night by touring the M&M’s store, the Swatch store, and Times Square


  • Begin our morning having breakfast at Good Enough To Eat.
  • Visit the Museum of Natural History
    • Exhibits include Journey to the Stars, The Brain, Butterflies, and Sea Rex.
    • Got to hold a silkworm cocoon.  Very cool.


Be very, very quiet. There's a dinosaur behind me.
  • Snacks and Beverages at The Amsterdam Inn
  • Wine dinner at Maloney & Porcelli
    • Raw Malpeque and Bluepoint oysters
    • Four bottomless wines!
    • A crackled pork shank the size of my head
    • Homemade fig newtons with Fragelico
    • Much hilarity
  • Hit up The Dead Poet for a night-cap (clearly what we needed)
  • Hit up The Amsterdam Inn for a further night-cap (best idea ever, says my hangover)


  • Breakfast at Starbucks; coffee and egg sandwich to cure the hangover.
  • Walk to Magnolia bakery for breakfast part II
  • Saunter through Central Park on our way to the Museum of Modern Art, also known as the MoMA
  • Tour the Museum – see the works of Warhol, Seurat, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Miro, De Kooning, Kandinsky, Pollack, etc.


I fell in love with this sculpture. From one angle, it reminded me of a grasshopper, from another, a man looking up at the heavens in a rage. Very cool. Of course, I didn't write down who the artist responsible was.


  • Breakfast on the patio from Zabar’s.  Smoked salmon, bagels, coffee, and some treats from Crumbs

Walking off into the sunset that is another vacation's end. Sigh.
  • Wander through Central Park one last time
  • Head to the airport to go home.  Boo.

Lastly, I leave you with the following Haiku.

City never sleeps,
The food, the lights, the chaos;
I miss you New York

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  1. Aw, I love NYC! Magnolia definitely has the best cupcakes, I agree.

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