Happy World Maths Day – Go Hug A Nerd.

Today is World Maths Day, and I have to ask How are you celebrating this mathy day? And, Have you hugged a math nerd yet today? And if not, Why not? Nerds need hugs too.  In fact, this nerd LOVES THEM.  I’m what you might call a hug-whore.  But that’s probably a story for another day.  Today the focus is math, and all the mathy things that math gives us.

In celebration of World Maths Day, an attempt to set a record for most mathematical problems solved in 24 hours is currently underway.  The goal is 1 billion problems.  At last count and with just over 13 hours remaining, over 352 thousand questions had been answered correctly.  Amazing!

The record-breaking attempt is open to kids aged 4 through 18.  If you are a kid of that age, or know a kid of that age, you should log in and add your mental power to the countless thousands of other students currently trying to set this record.  Just think of the nerd power that is currently being generated.  It’s mind blowingly awesome.  Mind Blowingly Awesome I say.

Did you forget it was World Maths Day?  If so, why not download my List-O-Nerdidays?  You’ll never again find yourself playing the part of the fool when someone offers you a High \pi 1, or screams We’re number \left|e^{i\pi}\right| 2.

1 The customary greeting on Pi-Day.

The customary greeting of nerds on Pi-Day

2 e to the i pi absolute, which we all know is 1.


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