Who Thinks Poo Is Funny?

Given that I’ve been writing a lot of nerdy type posts recently, I decided early today to write about something a little less nerdy.  Of course, what that would be eluded me.  Scanning through the list of 30 post ideas that I’ve jotted down over the past several weeks provided zero inspiration.  Not that the 30 ideas aren’t stellar.  It’s just that most of the 30 ideas have a mathematical or statistical slant (shocking I know), or represent ideas that I’m still tossing around in the back of my mind.  And of course, some of the 30 ideas actually will probably never see the light of blogging-day, as they really aren’t stellar in any way shape or form.  To be honest, they suck.

This text became the inspiration for this post. Thanks Becky!

Anyway, I was beginning to think I’d have nothing to write about, when I received a text from my sister-in-law Becky.  The text requested that I only purchase nice books from now on, because my nieces only wanted to read the Christmas poop book I had bought them.  My favourite part – that they refer to their gift as the Christmas poop book.  Brilliant!  My nieces rock.

Now, for those not in-the-know, the Christmas poop book of which my sister-in-law writes is The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was None of his Business (pictured above).  The book is awesome, and became an instant favourite of mine when a friend introduced me to it.

The back cover of the book says it all:

Packed full of poos that plop, drop, splish, splosh and pop off the page!

How could a kid not get a kick out of that?  How could anyone not laugh at this book?  Even better than this back cover description is the synopsis of the story:

The illustrations are hilarious, and, um, poo-fect. HA! I kill me.

A terrible catastrophe befalls the little mole one bright, sunny morning.  It looks like a sausage, and the worst thing is that it lands right on his head.

Our plucky little hero sets out to find who has left their business on his head.  His highly entertaining and informative search reveals an important but often neglected side of life.

Seriously brilliant!  The book comes packed to the brim with illustrations of different types of poo.  Take for example the picture of rabbit poo:

The book also contains representative samples from a horse, a pig, a cow, a dove, a goat, two big fat black flies, and a dog.

What makes the book that I got my nieces even more awesome and epic, is that their version is the Plop-up edition! What exactly is a plop-up book?  None other than a pop-up book-o-poo.  For your viewing pleasure, I offer you this quick video that demonstrates what I mean:

Now, I won’t give away the ending – finding out who dropped a deuce on the Mole is half the fun.  The other half is pulling the various tabs, turning the various wheels, and flipping the various flaps that are part of the plop-up edition to reveal the different types of poo that are typical of the different types of animals described in the book.

While one might consider this book educational on some level, I had to buy it when I was introduced to it because it was just too damn funny.  And I’m absolutely loving the fact that my nieces think the same way.  Clearly we share a common sense of humour.  Clearly we think poo is funny.

Sorry Becky, Uncle Dr. Dan loves that you have to keep reading this 🙂

Poo-gle Earth. Hilarious.

In other news, I found this site a few weeks back and was going to give it its own post. However, it seemed fitting to add it here. For some reason or another, someone decided to create an interactive map to illustrate where your dirty business goes after you flush. Think of it as Poo-gle Earth. Of course, it’s only applicable to a few countries (Canada is not one of those countries), but the idea is still hilarious and somewhat interesting on some weird scientific I-need-to-know-everything sort of way.



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