I Have Become Sloth, And Other Weekend Adventures

So I totally slacked off this weekend.  I could offer the excuse that my stupid hernia was acting up – which it was – but that has never stopped me from running before.  I really just wussed out and used it as an excuse not to run the 26k that I was supposed to run.  I’ll let myself get away with not running on Saturday because I really did feel awful (thank you hernia), but today there was no excuse.  I could have run.  I opted not to.  Instead, I worked on several projects which also needed to be completed.  But those projects were not running.

Gah.  I’m terribly annoyed with myself.

Monday I have to get back at it.  I’m supposed to be meeting some friends later in the eve, but if I plan my day properly, I should be able to get home by 4:30 and jump on the treadmill for 2.5 hours (give or take).  That would give me a slow but steady, and hopefully more comfortable pace of 5m 30s per kilometer.

This could easily have been a picture of me this weekend. I'm so proud.

Ultimately the goal was to run the 26k this weekend so that I’d be able to run the Hamilton Around The Bay 30k next weekend.  Two problems; 1) the aforementioned slacking on both Saturday and Sunday, and ; 2) I didn’t register for the race in time and it’s too late for me to do so now.  Ya, that’s what being a sloth gets you.  Sweet lady bupkis.  Bupkis I say!

Perhaps as punishment for my laziness and slacking, I’ll force myself to run a 30k next weekend anyway.  By myself.  Without the pomp and fanfare.  Sigh.  At least I know that I’ll finish first 🙂  I’m such a dork.

I have not become this Sloth.

Anyway, apart from the slacking that was this weekend, the training for the marathon has been going well.  I managed several long runs last week without too many aches or pains.  However, I do have to make a point of getting back to yoga, and to book a massage.  I’ve been slacking on both fronts, and I can tell given my general sense of non-bendy-ness when I get out of bed in the morning.  Or when I stand up after sitting for an extended period.  I really do know better than to let these things slide.  And yet, here we are.

In other news, while at my parents for Lobstermania I decided to weigh myself on their fancy-pants new electronic scale.  This would be my first weigh-in since my helicopter adventure in Hawaii informed me I had put on 9lbs (I was up to 146 – w00t!).  For some strange reason I was expecting to have gained some more weight.  Specifically, I was expecting to be up to the 150ish mark.  There are no real reasons for this – my clothes all fit the same; I haven’t been eating poorly; I’m still exercising.  I just felt for some reason that I had managed to put on some weight.  So I was rather shocked to see the scale read


I have somehow lost 9lbs since Hawaii?  How the frick?  Clearly I’ve been missing out on some essential Calories.  I think it’s probably related to the fact that I haven’t been logging my food consumption on LoseIt as religiously as normal.  It’s not that I’m not eating, I’m clearly just not eating enough.  Given the recent increase to my running schedule, I can’t afford not to eat.

Given all of this slacking and the clear problems it has created, I am starting this week with a renewed ‘get off my lazy ass and do what I need to do‘ attitude.  Perhaps I will force myself to post my Calories and such at the end of the week so that I am somehow accountable not just to myself, but to you my reader.  Perhaps I’ll just eat a bucket of lard to make up the Calories I’ve lost.  Or maybe I’ll do both.  Nothing says penance for one of the 7 deadly sins like eating a bucket of lard.  Although then I might be guilty of gluttony.  Gah – I can’t win.

For now, I’m off to bed.  It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow, what with the Calorie counting, yoga-practicing, massage-appointment-making, 26km-running, and other regular job-related work I have to do.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. I LOVE sloths. We saw a bunch in Costa Rica, and discovered the fun fact that they only visit the ground once per week. To poop. I guess that’s what your sloth friend is up to above!

    1. dangillis says:

      LOL. That is hilarious and gross and awesome all at once.

      I’m hoping to go to Costa Rica next year or perhaps in 2013. The goal – bungee jump, white water raft, hiking, cave exploring, scuba, and whatever other trouble I can get myself into. w00t!

  2. Beth says:

    I need to get back to yoga too. My level of non-bendy-ness in unacceptable. Unacceptable, I say!

    1. dangillis says:

      Tonight was Yin. So relaxing and awesome after a rather intense but shorter than intended run.

      Now I’m at home with Elliot purring softly beside me.

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