It Is My Professorly Duty To Inform You…

Given my recent Professor’ing1, I feel that it is my professorly duty as a professor to inform you that April is Mathematics Awareness Month2.  I know, when I found out, I was so full of squee I could barely contain it too.  An entire month devoted to the awesomeness that are mathematics and statistics.  It’s almost too much for one to handle.  Almost.  But fear not; we’ll get through the excitement together.

In honour of Mathematics Awareness Month, I shall endeavour to bring to you, dear readers, at least a little mathematics or statistics with each and every post that I write this month.   This may include awesomely awesome and beautiful number patterns, fun with equations (yes, I meant to write fun), cool parametric plots, or adventures in probability (and oh, will they ever be adventurous).   Math is everywhere, so I’ll be sure to try to capture its awesomeness in as many ways as I can.

Of course, even though April is officially Mathematics Awareness Month, I pledge to you now and forever, to add a little mathematics or statistics into my posts and hopefully into your lives, whenever I can.  I just can’t help myself.

Anyway, be prepared to get your math on 🙂

For today, I simply present to you a rather neat pattern.  Aren’t numbers freaking awesome?

1\times 1 = 1\\11\times 11 = 121\\111\times 111 = 12321\\1111\times 1111 = 1234321\\11111\times 11111 = 123454321\\111111\times 111111 = 12345654321\\1111111\times 1111111 = 1234567654321\\11111111\times 11111111 = 123456787654321\\111111111\times 111111111=12345678987654321

1 Professor’ing is akin to knighting except with less pomp and ceremony. It may or may not involve robes, sceptres and other medieval bric-a-brac, and there may or may not be someone dressed up like a king or queen. I can’t say. It violates the rules of Professor Club.

2 I have to keep using the word professor because it still seems so weird and hilarious to me. Perhaps repeating it will make it real.  That, or it will make me a giant horse’s ass; specifically the pompous type of giant horse’s ass 🙂


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