Climby Times

Well folks, tomorrow is the big day.  Tomorrow I climb the 1776 steps to the top of the CN Tower.  That’s 446.5 metres, or approximately 114 floors.  Why?  Well, I’m sure by now every knows that I’m taking part in the CN Tower Climb for WWF-Canada.  I mean, I have been pestering you for about a month to sponsor me. 🙂

And ladies and gents, I am happy to say that you came through in the biggest way.  As of Tuesday I had surpassed my goal of raising $1 per stair.  In fact, as of 9pm on Tuesday you had sponsored me to the tune of almost $1900, or approximately $1.05 per stair.  Sweet freaking awesome.  Consider this a virtual hug to all of you that have supported me in yet another adventure.


Of course, if you wanted to sponsor me and raise my per stair value further there is still time.  All you have to do is click on the WWF logo in this post, or the logo to the right.  Either will take you directly to my sponsor page, which now sports a lovely Goal Achieved! badge, thank you very much.

The only thing left to do now is to climb those stairs!  And as I mentioned in my original post about the CN Tower climb, I’m hoping to do it in under 19 minutes.  How do I do this?  Well, assuming that every step takes an equal amount of time to climb (which is a huge assumption given that I will likely be out of energy half way up – but I digress), I need to spend no more than 0.6419 seconds per step.  That compares to the 0.6565 seconds per step that I would have spent (on average) to hit 19 minutes and 26 seconds during my first climb up the tower.  That’s about a 2% reduction in time per stair.  I hope I can handle that.

Of course, climbing the stairs is not all physical.  There is a huge mental aspect of it as well.  Especially when you reach the midway point and realize you still have another 888 stairs to go.  At that point in my first climb, my muscles were screaming at me, my lungs were on fire, and my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.  And then their was my brain; saying ‘quit’, ‘slow down’, ‘stop’, or ‘this is not possible’.  I may also have been thinking ‘why did I agree to do this?’  By the time it was all done though, all of those thoughts, all the muscle pain, the burning lungs, and the burst-out-of-my-chest heart were somehow worth it.  And there was a huge smile on my face.  But that might have been from delirium.

To keep my brain occupied, I’m going to do what I normally do when I try to zone out during exercise.  I’m going to do math in my head.  Seriously.  I’ll do simple multiplication, or consider various patterns and such.  Sometimes I just simply count things.  In this case, I might count the stairs as I climb.  That might sound a touch crazy, but it works.  At least it does for me.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I find numbers calming, so it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that I’d turn to math when presented with a physical and mental challenge such as this.  And for those that are curious, I do this when I run too.  Ya, I’m really that much of a nerd.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the results.  Wish me luck 😀


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