Calgary Adventure: Day 3

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So yesterday my post indicated that Rick and I were heading to Revelstoke today.  Truth be told, I didn’t consider when I wrote the post and messed up my dates a bit.  As you read this, we will already have made our way to Revelstoke yesterday.  But since I’m starting this post in the morning prior to leaving for Revelstoke, I don’t yet know what we’ve done as you continue to read.  Confused?  I am.

Since we haven’t yet left, I thought I would give you a further update on the previous 2 days.  Yesterday while Rick was working, I busied myself at a local Starbucks.  I actually love working at coffee shops because I find the din rather conducive to work.  While yesterday was by no means my most productive day ever, I did manage to finish up a project, move another forward a bit, and deal with a lot of other administrative stuff that individually require very little time, but collectively require an hour or two.  And I drank coffee.  A lot of coffee.  And it was all delicious, but definitely not what my stomach probably needed.  To say that I wasn’t feeling my best later in the day would be an understatement.  And my cold continues to annoy.  Thankfully a local eatery had an ample supply of cold-killing scotch, so I may or may not have given myself a double dose of liquid awesome.

Later in the eve we met up with Rick’s friend Paul.  You see, I’m not the only one training for a run.  Rick and Paul are in the process of training for their first half Marathon.  They run that at the same time I’m supposed to run my full Marathon.  But obviously their run is in Calgary, while mine is in Ottawa.  Anyway, we met so we could go for a run.  And while the day was beautiful, it was still cold.  I hate the cold.  And I also hate colds.  So running in the cold with a cold did not seem particularly appetizing to yours truly.  Regardless, we ran.  And ran.  And ran some more.  The cold and the cold definitely were affecting me.  My pace was slower than normal, and I couldn’t get warm.  Even after 10km, I was still cold.  Stupid cold.  Have I mentioned that I hate the cold?

Anyway, we managed to put in a good ~1.5 hours of running (or thereabouts – check it out via RunKeeper).  It wasn’t my longest run, but I’m glad I did it.  My IT band doesn’t necessarily agree with me today; I’m sure a few good punches and maybe a massage will shut it up.

Biggest Rice Krispies Square EVER.

After the run we dropped into Extreme Bean for a tea.  Rick and Paul also grabbed some food, but as per usual I’m not usually that hungry (if at all) after a run.  The tea was great, and based on what I saw, the food was too.  I also have to note that the Extreme Bean had the largest Rice Krispies Squares I have ever seen.  Seriously.  I had to take a picture of them next to my hand so that you could gauge their size.  Crazy.  I didn’t purchase said square, but now I’m having a major craving for one.

Later that eve we dropped by Rick’s office to pick up some of the snowshoeing gear that we’ll need for this weekend.  Then we headed to Kensington to meet up with Rick’s friend Adriene at the Kensington Pub.  We chatted about travel and adventure, snowshoeing, hiking, and various other things over a beer.

The day ended with a round of stretching (as both of us were tight from our run).  I realized how tired I was when I fell asleep on the floor in the reclining hero position.  Not the best position to fall asleep in.

And with that, it’s time to head out!  See you in Revelstoke, folks.


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