Winging It

Last Saturday, after the epic night-before Brandy tasting, I gathered up some friends (well, more accurately, they gathered me up) and we headed to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory (which was formerly known as Wings of Paradise).

Now, I had previously visited the conservatory (back in the old-time-y days when it was known as Wings of Paradise) with my sister-in-law and a couple of my nieces.  But trust me, it’s a place you want to visit multiple times.  There is just too much to see.  Additionally, it’s just too beautiful not to want to go back.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, Jana, Joni, Aidan and I started our adventure off with lunch at Milestones.  It was clear however that we were all pretty anxious to get the show on the road, so after eating we made our way directly to the main event.

After tickets were purchased, and bathroom breaks were made, we entered the main room of the conservatory.  This is the room that contains all of the butterflies.  It also houses several bird species (which I assume do not prey on butterflies), and various other bugs.  I don’t remember noticing the birds the last time I went, so it was nice to actually spot them this time around.  The Common Quail and the Chinese Painted Quail were my favourites, because they reminded me of giant potatoes on legs.

But clearly the butterflies were the main event.  And there were so many, fluttering all around us.  Being in a room full of butterflies makes me think that I’m in some sort of fantasy.  With magic.  And wizards.  And perhaps even dragons.  What I’m trying to say is that it brings out the kid in me (big surprise, I’m sure).  So while we were walking around, I’m pretty sure that I was too absorbed in the nature around me to even be aware of what everyone was doing or saying.  I just kept looking at every leaf and branch to see any butterfly that might be camouflaged.  And there were plenty.  I tried to capture as many with my camera as I could but I know I missed some (see the pictures below).  And the ones that wouldn’t come to rest were essentially impossible to capture on film.

Following our adventure through the land-o-butterflies, we made our way to the gift shop.  Beside the obvious scientific bric-a-brac available for sale, the store also offered insect treats.  Chocolate covered ants, candied ants, and dried larvae of various flavours (sour cream & onion, BBQ, etc.).

Clearly, I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.  I purchased a box of Larvets, the Original Worm Snax.  I opted for the BBQ flavour as I’m not a fan of dairy related anything.  According to the box, a serving size of 2.1 grams contains 9 Calories, 1 gram of fat, 0.2 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.5 grams of protein.  That is, about 25% of the serving is protein.  That’s pretty good!

While Jana and Joni didn’t take part in the Larvets, Aidan and I certainly did.  They were quite tasty, albeit a bit dry.  I’m pretty sure they’d go well with dip, or perhaps a nice glass of wine.  Photographic evidence is provided below.

Anyway, if you need something to do this summer I highly recommend the conservatory.  And make sure to try the Larvets, you won’t regret it.

A special thanks to Aidan for providing the title to this post.


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