Happy Rapture Day

Family portrait, with all of my nieces and nephew.

So if you are reading this, it probably means that the Rapture hasn’t happened. Yet. Or maybe it is happening, but you aren’t one of the chosen few. If that is the case, I have to say that I’m flattered. Instead of being all raptured up and stuff, you have opted to read my blog.

But note, dear readers, that today is not only the day that we can expect the Rapture, it is also my Mom’s birthday. What a way to celebrate; birthday cake and judgement day!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Mom!

As I wrote on Mother’s Day, my mom is awesome. I can’t thank her enough for everything that she has done for me. For the countless hours she spent taking care of me when I was sick; for singing me to sleep; for the endless hours making cookies at Christmas; for oatmeal breakfasts in the winter; for our special mornings of soft-boiled eggs and toast; for letting me stay up to watch the North and the South mini-series, despite the fact that it was well past my bedtime; for bed times; for curfews; for trying to protect me from the abuses of the world; for allowing me choices, even when she knew I probably wasn’t making the correct ones; for all of the support and encouragement during my education, especially when I couldn’t see the end of it, and especially when I had lost the purpose of what I was doing; for reminding me why I was doing it; for proudly standing by when I graduated with my Bachelors degree, then Masters, and finally after so very many years, my Ph.D.; for keeping me grounded; for still worrying about me; for still baking me cookies whenever I ask.

She is and always will be one of the strongest people I know. She has been and continues to be one of my most influential teachers. She is my guidebook to life. She is a confidant, a therapist, a sounding board, and a friend. I take from her an example of how I want to live my life; loving friends and family with seemingly no bounds; holding true to beliefs and principles; satisfied only with the knowledge that those she loves are happy, and healthy, and content.

All of these things and more remind me of how lucky I am to have the mom that I do. She has taught me so many things and asked for nothing in return, except for the odd hug or two. And that’s okay by me. I have more than enough hugs for her.

And Mom, if you are reading this, be assured that I am happy, and healthy, and content. And I wouldn’t be this way, I wouldn’t be the man I am if not for you and all that you have taught me. I will be forever grateful for everything that you have done for me.

So dear readers, I ask that you raise a glass to my mom today. It’s her birthday all y’all. And she deserves the best day possible.

Oh, and based on what I know of judgement day, if anyone is to get raptured today, surely it’s going to be her :).


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  1. Beth says:

    Happy birthday, Mrs. Gillis!! Thanks for raising such an awesome son!

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