Carbo-Loading With Cinnamon Buns

Tomorrow is the big day. Race day. My first ever official marathon. I am a mix of emotions. Nervous, stoked, excited, nauseous, anxious, happy, gassy. Wait, no, not the last one.

Anyway, today is carbo-loading day. That is, today is the day that Mark and I are supposed to be consuming lots of carbs (good carbs of course) in order to help fuel our body for the 42.2km we need to run starting at 7am tomorrow morning. I have no idea whether science has confirmed or denied the benefits of carbo-loading, but I don’t care. It gives me an excuse to eat whatever I want and whenever I want. Granted, with my stupid stomach, it’s still a chore. So far today I have had coffee (0 Calories), a latte (~180 Calories), half a bowl of oatmeal (~350 Calories), and a cinnamon bun (~350 Calories). Clearly I have much work to do. And by work to do, I clearly mean food to eat.

The craziest part, is that I estimate I will need to consume 5600 Calories tomorrow in order to break even. My normal Caloric intake is supposed to be 2200 Calories, give or take. Those are the Calories that I require just to carry on my regular daily schedule (based on my goal weight of 145lbs – which last I checked I was under). The marathon is expected to use up at least 3400 extra Calories. Crazy. So somehow I have to find it in me to consume a lot more food than usual.

To put 5600 Calories into perspective, this would be equivalent to

  • 31 tall vanilla soy lattes from Starbucks (at 180 Calories per latte),
  • 56 bananas (approximately 100 Calories per medium-sized banana),
  • 10 Big Macs (approximately 546 Calories per Big Mac – ew),
  • 7 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard from Dairy Queen (approximately 760 Calories each), or
  • 140 cups of almond milk (unsweetened, approximately 40 Calories per cup).
Since I can’t eat dairy and I wouldn’t touch a Big Mac to save my life, I’m going to have to resort to other means. Such as an extra soy latte or two. Honestly, I have no idea how I’m going to compensate for the loss of Calories due to the run. I’ll figure something out.
Anyway, I should go grab some lunch. Wish me luck!

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  1. Beth says:

    I’m sure you are asleep right now, what with you living three hours in the future (compared to me), resting up for the big race. But I wanted to wish you much luck for the marathon (not that you’ll need it). May the FSM guide you with his noodly appendages to a swift and pleasant completion of the race. And may a hottie be the one to present you with your finisher medal. Ramen.

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